Tabasco Chipotle Sauce

Tabasco Chipotle Sauce Review: Smokin’!

No hot sauce brand comes close to Tabasco in terms of availability. Tabasco is everywhere – from supermarkets to major chain restaurants. But my favorite of the bunch isn’t the original (though that’s seriously tasty too). It’s Tabasco Chipotle sauce.

That smoky tang…it’s just right. If you like the earthy taste of barbecue and other smoked dishes, then you’ll want a bottle of this in your cupboard. Soon you may find that you’re putting a few drops of it in nearly everything. No kidding – it’s that good. 

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Does spicy food cause acne

Does Spicy Food Cause Acne?

If you’re prone to acne, you may have noticed flair-ups after eating spicy foods like hot peppers. Are they linked? Does spicy food cause acne? Or is this simply a case of ill-timed coincidence?

Truth be told, the food itself typically doesn’t cause acne, but the side effects of eating spicy foods like hot peppers certainly increase the chances of a breakout occurring. That’s especially true if you’re not used to eating spicy foods. 

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Cayenne Pepper Pills

What’s It Like Taking Cayenne Pepper Pills?

Chili peppers are well-known for how healthy they are. It’s all about that magic compound capsaicin and what it can do, from natural pain relief to boosting your metabolism and a whole lot more. Many people, in fact, take cayenne pepper pills to get the benefit of capsaicin without having to eat chilies in their meals, and there are many positive reviews on the results reported on sites like Amazon.

But what’s it like taking these pills or cayenne pepper capsules? Is there a taste? A sense of heat? A quick boost of energy? Other side effects? Well, each person is different, but I’ll lay out what it’s been like for me. From there, you can decide whether it’s something you want to give a try. Out the gate, I’ll say it’s definitely been overall positive. 

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how many calories in bell pepper

How Many Calories In Bell Pepper?

If you’re watching your weight, it’s an easy decision to bring more vegetables into your diet. And bell peppers are one of the healthiest choices of the bunch. These are vegetables rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and beta-carotene, but what about the calories? How many calories are in bell pepper?

That may surprise you – the answer isn’t as cut and dry as you may think. It all comes down to maturity and sweetness, and you can gauge that (to an extent) by color. 

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is chili powder gluten free

Is Chili Powder Gluten-Free?

If you’ve got a gluten allergy, deciphering what does and doesn’t have gluten in it is extremely important. Some surprising things can contain gluten, and that includes many different chili pepper products.

So is chili powder gluten-free? 

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Old Bay seasoning substitute

What Is In Old Bay Seasoning?

What a delicious powder Old Bay seasoning is! If you have any Maryland roots, this is a powder you’ve lived with for a long time. It’s a favorite for seasoning Maryland crabs, and it’s had a long tradition in regional southern cuisine.

But these days Old Bay has gained national popularity, and a lot of that has to do with the spicy little kick it delivers. What is in Old Bay seasoning that delivers this hint of heat? What gives it its surprisingly rich flavor? There’s a lot to this powder, and it’s all so good.

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Pepper spray

Pepper Spray: Pepper As A Protector

From the Scoville scale heights… Scoville heat units: 2,000,000 – 5,300,000Jalapeño reference point: 250 to 2,120 times hotterProducts: Pepper spray on Amazon If you’re looking for a little protection that’s safer than carrying most weapons, then visiting the top of the Scoville scale has an …

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Capsaicin: The Compound Behind The Pepper Scale

Wondering where that chili pepper heat comes from? Look no further: capsaicin. It’s the little compound that could when it comes to heat. It’s the active force behind the pungency of chili peppers, the driver behind the Scoville scale’s heat units, and that’s not all. …

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