Five Spicy Cinco De Mayo Cocktails You’ll Love

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Celebrating Cinco de Mayo with a few drinks?

Why not choose something spicy to make the day memorable? Below are five of our favorite spiced-up drinks that make perfect Cinco de Mayo cocktails. Some are plays on classics and others you may never have tried before. So enjoy and lift a glass with your friends! Want more? Check out our spicy cocktail section, or opt for a spicy simple syrup to heat up most any cocktail. 

Bee Sting Cocktail

Bee Sting Cocktail

It’s tangy and sweet, and underneath it all is a nasty little spicy sting, brought to you by jalapeño peppers. This is a cocktail that screams spring. Its bright yellow looks great in a martini glass, but, of course, it’s just as tasty over ice.

Get the bee sting cocktail recipe here.

Cucumber Jalapeño Margarita

Talk about refreshing. Margaritas are a Cinco de Mayo staple, but try it with muddled cucumber and jalapeño peppers. It softens (slightly) the tang, brings in that refreshing cucumber flavor, and tops it all off with that chili pepper bite. For us it’s really the margarita evolved to perfection.

Get the cucumber jalapeño margarita recipe here. 

Spicy Corona Margarita Punch

Looking for something that’ll serve a Cinco de Mayo party army? Try this corona margarita punch. It uses so many things synonymous with Cinco de Mayo drinking – Corona beer, tequila, and of course jalapeño peppers. The main punch mixer is sprite, so it’s quite refreshing too!

Get the spicy corona margarita recipe here. 

Prairie Fire Shot - Tabasco Tequila

Prairie Fire Shot

This is the perfect Cinco de Mayo cocktail shooter, made with tequila and Tabasco hot sauce. It burns, no doubt, but in all the best ways if you love spicy stuff!

Get the prairie fire shot recipe here. 

 Mango Habanero Margarita

Want something hotter than jalapeño heat for your Cinco de Mayo cocktail list? Habanero pepper is a big step up. This mango habanero margarita recipe tempers some of the heat with the sweet tang of tropical fruit. This is not a recipe for the weak taste buds out there, so go into it with eyes wide open!

Get the mango habanero margarita recipe here. 

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