Top Hot Sauce Bottles For Your Homemade Blend

So you’ve gotten into making your own hot sauce? That’s a totally fun way to explore the pepper scale, and pretty easy too. But after you’ve mastered that perfect homemade blend, what are your best options for storing it and showing it off?

There are quite a few purchasable hot sauce bottles out there you can use, plus a few storage options you may not have considered. What’s best depends on your style and where you plan on showing off your blend. Take a look at five top options below – all work well, but each excels in its own way. 

Hot Sauce Dasher Bottles

This is the option you likely first think of when you think hot sauce bottles. The dasher bottle has that slim look, along with a super slim neck that helps control the sauce flow. That’s definitely important when it comes to things this spicy. These are a staple – ¬†perfect for nearly all uses and occasions, from general storage to use as a spicy gift. Make sure you have a funnel, though, to pour your sauce into the narrow top.

Mason Jars

If you’re looking for that classic homemade look, then a mason jar is perfect. Just the look of a mason jar gives people the feeling that something fresh and tasty sits within. If you’ve made enough hot sauce for an army, then you may want to go the mason jar route for storing. They’re a lot easier to handle than a dasher bottle, and you’ll certainly get more sauce within each container. Mason jars filled with delicious hot sauce also look great as a gift.

Plastic Squeeze Bottles

If you’re planning on a little outdoor grilling, plastic squeeze bottles for your homemade hot sauce may be just the right thing. They are great for the picnic table or for use in the kitchen. No glass means no potential for breaking, and that’s important for those family activities where kids are around. Squeeze bottle won’t work though if you’ve gone for a chunkier sauce – thin sauces only may apply.

Boston Round Bottles

Now here’s a perfect size for free samples and party give-aways. Fill up these 2-ounce Boston round bottles with your favorite hot concoction, and invite your friends and family to take a little hot sauce home with them as a parting gift! It’s a tasty way of saying thanks, and there’s just enough hot sauce in there to get them coming back for more.

Flip Cap Beer Bottles

Lastly, you can take a page from the home brewers out there and opt for a flip cap beer bottle. These flip caps not only look cool, they also contain a seal to help keep in freshness. As these bottles are a little more expensive, opt for them if you’re mainly making hot sauce for home use and you want something with a little extra style sitting on your kitchen counter or dining table.

UPDATE NOTICE: This post was updated on March 30, 2022 to include new content.
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