Love Spicy And Sweet? Top Home-Style Hot Pepper Jelly Options

There’s just something about spicy and sweet. When together in a food, you’ve got something so complex, so teasing to your taste buds, that you can’t help but smile. That’s hot pepper jelly. It’s got the sweet fruit base, but within lies a little kick, sometimes a big kick to be honest. They are two different tastes that when placed together just work with all sorts of snacks from crackers to cheeses and sliced fruits.

Hot pepper jelly is a popular artisanal product. You can find lots of homemade, small batch options out there that just taste like heaven. You may be able to find them at a local farmer’s market, but if you can’t there are a many home-style hot pepper jellies available online. Below are five of our favorite that have that made from scratch flair.

Stonewall Kitchen Hot Pepper Jelly

Very popular and a mild(er) heat. 

Stonewall Kitchen may be the biggest brand on this list, but they are here because they do home-style right. This is one popular hot pepper jelly, a lot of fans who swear by its taste. It’s not too hot, but has enough spice to certainly be memorable. The ingredients are top-notch, and it’s gluten-free on top of it all.

Hot Pepper Jelly (Amish Made)

Just from the label you know it’s good. 

It’s a family operation over at Millers Homemade Jams, and all of their products are made with a lot of love. Homemade and hand-scooped. And the label just has the homey country feel too, which just adds so much to the artisanal touch. How’s the jelly? Tasty as can be.

 The family honed their craft from years of Amish country living. They know their stuff. The main chili in this batch is jalapeño pepper, so it’s not too spicy. They also mix in red and green peppers and a little chili extract.

Robert Rothschild Farm Hot Pepper Peach Preserves

Peachy goodness. 

Who doesn’t love peach preserves? So tasty. And when you add in the heat of chili pepper, you’ve got an amazing flavor punch here.

Everything is made on the Robert Rothschild Farm out in Ohio. The hot pepper jelly gets its heat comes from crushed red chilies, and it’s just spicy enough. It’s an all-natural preserve, both gluten-free and kosher.

UPDATE NOTICE: This post was updated on February 13, 2021 to include new content.
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You need to try Wisham Pepper Jelly from Tifton, GA. It’s some of the best with a wide variety of flavors and perfectly balanced spiciness. Hope you try it out!