Smart Low Sodium Hot Sauce Options: PepperScale Roundup

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Let’s cut to the chase – most hot sauces are chock-full of salt.

That’s obviously not good if you’re looking to control your sodium intake. So what options do you have if you’re craving that delicious spicy punch? Luckily there are a few terrific low sodium hot sauce options available. We’ve rounded up five under very specific parameters – 50 milligrams or less of sodium per serving (one teaspoon). You’ll be surprised at the flavor and spice choices you have – two even with no sodium whatsoever.

Sodium-Free Hot Sauces

Brother Bru Bru’s African Hot Sauce

Sodium: 0mg

Not only is Brother Bru Bru’s African Hot Sauce sodium-free, it’s also sugar-free and gluten-free too. The sauce uses an apple cider base and African spices. And it delivers plenty of heat with both habanero peppers and japones. Fun side note: The maker of Brother Bru Bru is the inspiration for Bob Dillan’s song, Mr. Tamborine Man.

Brother Bru Bru has other low sodium options in its stable, too – including a chipotle hot sauce (20mg sodium per serving). If you like a smokier sauce, you’ll want to check it out.

Mr. Spice Tangy Bang Hot Sauce

Sodium: 0mg

Here’s another very healthy hot sauce. Mr. Spice Tangy Bang boasts many “frees”: sodium-free, gluten-free, processed sugar-free, cholesterol-free, and wheat-free. So you may be asking…what’s left? The good news is a whole heck of a lot of flavor and spice. It’s not as spicy as Brother Bru Bru’s, using cayenne pepper as its heat base. But there’s an extra kick of horseradish and ginger in the sauce, as well as apple cider vinegar and garlic.

Best of all: This isn’t the only Mr. Spice hot sauce that’s sodium-free. In fact, ALL of their sauces are. Take a look at their product line. There are many good options here.

Low Sodium Hot Sauces

Dave’s Gourmet Cool Cayenne

Sodium: 15mg (typo on label, actually 105 mg)

Dave’s Gourmet had a typo on its label for too long (and in fact, it’s still shown on many label images on major retail sites.) The mistype is 15 mg which would make Cool Cayenne low sodium. It’s actually 105 mg, so not low-sodium. We’ll replace it from this last on our next content update!

Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce

Sodium: 25mg

The hot sauce from the lead singer of the punk band Offspring may not be the first place you’d look for a low sodium hot sauce offering, but there are only 25 milligrams per serving in Gringo Bandito. Both habanero and jalapeƱo peppers star in this fiery mix, and it’s well-known for being tasty. In fact, Gringo Bandito is a Scovie Award winner for the best tasting hot sauce.

Tabasco Original Hot Sauce

Sodium: 35mg

That’s right, the famous Louisiana hot sauce is very low in salt. So if you’re looking for a local grocery store option, look no further. There’s a low-medium heat here brought to you by tabasco peppers. And, of course, as a Lousiana hot sauce, there’s a big bold vinegar flavor.

Be careful with other Tabasco hot sauces. They are not low sodium. Tabasco Chipotle has 120mg per serving and Tabasco Habanero 130mg. Stick with the original flavor to keep the salt low.

UPDATE NOTICE: This post was updated on November 30, 2021 to include new content.
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