Spicy pumpkin and butternut squash soup_1

Spicy Pumpkin And Butternut Squash Soup

Pumpkin and squash are two hearty favorites when the season’s turn – both bring an earthy, homey flavor to delicious spicy soups. And together, they make one heck of a feel-good meal. Spicy pumpkin and butternut squash soup is pretty much a meal unto itself. …

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Seed Ranch Umami Reserve label

Seed Ranch Umami Reserve Hot Sauce Review

Seed Ranch Umami Reserve doesn’t pull punches about what it’s all about. This is a bold hot sauce that leans heavily into umami flavor, mixed with smoky sting. There’s a lot going on in this hot sauce, but does its heat balance out well with …

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Spicy Groundnut Soup

Spicy Groundnut Soup

Here’s a recipe all the way from Africa. Spicy groundnut soup is an easy and affordable way to share a delicious meal packed full of vegetables. And it has a distinct (but mild) nuttiness (from peanut butter in this recipe.) Even if you aren’t a …

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Thai yellow curry paste

Thai Yellow Curry Paste

If you love the exotic taste of curry, bold fiery flavor, and a little DIY in the kitchen, then making your own Thai yellow curry paste is a total adventure worth taking. Sure, picking up a jar of this spicy mix may be simple enough at your local …

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Kentuxican Bourbon Hot Sauce label

Kentuxican Bourbon Hot Sauce Review

You may not immediately think of hot sauce when you think of bourbon, but Kentuxican Bourbon Hot Sauce may change all that. It’s unlike any other hot sauce that I’ve tried: bourbon-y sweet, smoky, and tangy. So it’s flavorful and unique, but how does its …

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Chorizo and shrimp fettuccine with pomodoro sauce

Chorizo And Shrimp Fettuccine With Pomodoro Sauce

Chorizo and shrimp fettuccine with pomodoro sauce is a pasta pleasure, conjuring Mediterranean sun and sea. Peppery chorizo and briny shrimp are paired in a rich tomato sauce that’s spiced with serrano peppers. Served over buttered fettuccine, every single flavor shines out brightly. All the …

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How long do pepper seeds last

How Long Do Pepper Seeds Last?

Saving pepper seeds to grow new pepper plants is more than just a way to save money, it is sustainable and can teach you a lot about cultivating peppers. Peppers are one of the best plants for seed-saving because of the ease with which you …

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7 Pot Brain Strain

7 Pot Brain Strain Guide: Heat, Flavor, Uses

What are 7 Pot Brain Strain peppers? 7 Pot peppers are known for their wicked heat, and the 7 Pot Brain Strain is no exception. This is a scorching hot pepper (1,000,000 to 1,350,000 Scoville heat units), with a fruity, slightly smoky flavor lurking behind …

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Truff Hot Sauce on spoon

Truff Hot Sauce Review

Truff Hot Sauce may look like a classic hot sauce on the first pour, but you soon get a good whiff of its unique selling point: truffles. You definitely notice the truffle smell right away and might assume it will overpower the spice, but you’d …

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aji amarillo

Aji Amarillo Guide: Heat, Flavor, Uses

What are aji amarillo peppers? There are so many flavors that converge in the aji amarillo pepper – a sun-drenched crispness, a fruity turn from the tropics, and even a hint of raisin.  Between the flavors, the yellow-golden hue, and a sultry medium-heat (30,000 to 50,000 …

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