Habanero Seasoning From Hell: Up The Ante On Your Chili Powder

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A good cayenne powder next step.

If you couldn’t tell from one look of the packaging, Habanero Seasoning From Hell is hot. But, don’t let it fool you – pure habanero heat it is not. It falls a bit short of extreme, and – for those that love big eatable spice – that’s a good thing. If you’re looking for a step up from cayenne pepper powder heat, you’ve got something in Habanero Seasoning from Hell. Let’s take a closer look.

The Heat

Like most chili powders, the Seasoning From Hell is not purely one pepper. In fact, the ingredient list of this spicy concoction places the generic termĀ “chili peppers” first and habanero peppers fifth, with onion, garlic, and spices in between.

So the expected heat of a habanero is cut by inferior heat chili peppers, but how far does it go? It’s hotter than pure cayenne powder, that we can say. Which makes us believe that cayenne is likely used as a base for “chili peppers” in the mix. Think of the heat increase as a few steps up, not another flight or two of stairs above. The heat is a bit faster than a typical cayenne powder, and it does tend to linger at top strength for a decent amount of time. It’s very eatable if you deal well in the upper end of medium heat peppers.

The Flavor

Since Seasoning From Hell would often be a cayenne powder replacement, we’ll compare it again here. There’s an earthier undertone to Seasoning From Hell, like it’s playing at a different octave than pure cayenne.

It’s a rather subtle flavor – the spiciness is the true experience here. Think of this seasoning as closer in taste to a chili powder than a uniquely flavored seasoning like Old Bay. Of note, there’s no salt in the mix here, so those looking to spice up a low sodium diet are in luck.


Chili powders are very versatile as a whole, and because the Seasoning From Hell is closer in flavor to those, its usability is no different. Sprinkle it on pizza, work it into burgers, rub it into steaks, or even top off a spicy cocktail – it all works here. Just know the heat bump you are getting over any other spice rack alternative.


For those that love spicy food, Habanero Seasoning From Hell is surprisingly eatable. Since it’s cut with other chilies, it’s nowhere near pure habanero heat. If you’re looking for an extreme chili powder, look elsewhere. But for anyone ready for a cayenne powder alternative that punches just a little bit harder, you’ve got a winner here.

UPDATE NOTICE: This post was updated on September 5, 2019 to include new content.
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