Wake the Dead! Top Five Spooky Hot Sauce Bottles

Halloween and hot sauce go hand in hand right?

When you take a look at these hot sauce bottles, you’ll definitely think so. These hot sauces just look like they were made to spook the neighbors.

Though know these are no costumes; take fair warning for your taste buds. Hot sauces with the spookiest labeling tend to be the hottest hot sauces around. Our favorites below either star habanero, the aptly-named and mega-spicy ghost pepper, or one of the super-hots above it on the Scoville scale that make the ghost pepper look like Casper.

Warned enough? Excellent. Let’s get to it. Here’s our Halloween treat: our top five spooky hot sauce bottles.

Zombie Cajun Hot Sauce

Yeah zombies are hot, from TV shows to blockbuster movies. Even hot sauces have taken up the torch. Zombie Cajun Hot Sauces show off these walking dead with excellent drawn artwork on the label. Take a close look at that Bayou creeper with the burning red eyes on the bottles ant the gift set. We wouldn’t want to meet him on a swamp tour.

Zombie Cajun sauces are award-winning Louisiana hot sauces too. And they’re not as spicy as most of the others on our spooky list. The hottest this Zombie Cajun Gift Set gets is habanero (still pretty darn hot), but it also features cayenne pepper and  jalapeño sauces. These last two are hot sauces that most members of the family can enjoy with no problem.

Satan’s Blood

There’s so much spooky going for Satan’s Blood hot sauce in terms of packaging. First, the name. It just says it like it is. This is scary hot stuff – it uses chili extract that brings the heat to 800,000 Scoville heat units. That’s four times a typical habanero, up at the ghost pepper level.

Then, you’ve got the vial bottle shape. It looks like the sinister tools of a mad scientist. And let’s not forget its birth story. Satan’s Blood, it’s said, was “Conceived on Friday the 13th in October 2000 during a full moon.” Ohmygod. That calls for immediate entry onto our spookiest hot sauce bottles list.

Ass Reaper Hot Sauce

You see, even hot sauce bottles can dress up in costumes. The skull cap and the black cloth cape make Ass Reaper an immediate Halloween favorite.

And, oh yeah, the name. Few come more descriptive (and literal) in the world of hot sauces. It’s fitting in so many ways. Ass Reaper Hot Sauce is made with habanero pepper (100,000 – 350,000 SHU). It’s no Satan’s Blood in terms of heat, but it’ll still tickle those insides somethin’ mighty.

Wicked Nightmare Hot Sauce

You are seeing how the hot sauces on our spookiest list often just tell it like it is in their naming? Wicked Nightmare stars a trio of chili pain: the habanero, the ghost pepper, and the Trinidad Scorpion. Each is hotter than the next, and Wicked Nightmare also uses additional chili extract that gets the bottle’s total Scoville heat units up to over 2 million! Ouch. Whether that’s a trick or a treat is up to your heat tolerance. Though follow the warning on the bottle – it’s meant as a food additive in cooking, not to be eaten on its own. Take it seriously.

The packaging hits the perfect pure creepy note: a giant skull in icy hues of white and blue. It feels like something that just jumped out of the closet. Even the cap has an air of spooky and strange medicinal uses due to the built-in dropper.

Blair’s Ultra Death Hot Sauce

Creepy coffin-like packaging? Check. Skull keychain for extra spook? Check. A hot sauce name that hints at your ultimate demise? Check check check. Blairs kills it with their Ultra Death Hot Sauce in both Halloween style and extreme heat.

How hot? Wickedly hot we’d say. Blair’s claims 750 times hotter than a jalapeño. This is another sauce that’s meant for use as a food additive – not something to eat directly.

UPDATE NOTICE: This post was updated on September 5, 2019 to include new content.
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