The Sriracha Keychain: Five Ways Sriracha2Go Makes Us Smile

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Portable Pow!

So for when you just can’t be without your favorite hot sauce, there’s a keychain for that. The Sriracha keychain – a.k.a. Sriracha2Go – miniaturizes your favorite rooster-labelled bottle into a 1.25 fluid ounce form. It’s an awesome idea for hot sauce freaks, and so simple too. What do we love the most? Here are the five top things that have us smiling about this mini hot sauce bottle.

The carabiner provides a ton of flexibility.

Sriracha2Go features a stainless steel carabiner for easy key placement or for hooking on your current set, your backpack, or, hey, even your clothing. It’s not just a keychain, it’ll travel with you no matter your set-up.

It’s TSA approved.

Yeah, that’s right. Bring your favorite hot sauce on the plane without any worries. Now that’s cool. It’ll definitely add a lot of flavor to otherwise bland airplane food. And having Sriracha handy in hotels can be just as useful to turn bland food into something spicy.

The dragon ate the rooster.

Yeah, so there’s no rooster on the mini-bottle. That’s ok in our book. The green cap still provides that Sriracha-like experience, and if you’re going to up the ante from a rooster, you can’t get much better than a kick-butt Asian dragon. The dragon is framed with a very similar label layout as the normal Sriracha bottle, so it still feels very Sriracha.

NOTE: IN May 2015, Sriracha2Go became a Huy Fong Foods licensed partner – meaning the famous rooster is gracing Sriracha2Go bottles. You’ll still see the dragon around and for sale, but soon they’ll be scarce. Pick up your officially licensed version (with rooster) here.

The bottle comes empty.

The sriracha keychain is the ultimate portability solution for hot sauce with its carabiner and easy-flip top, and technically you don’t have to fill it with only Sriracha. Throw in whatever your hot sauce of choice here is, or be the purist and fill it to brim with Rooster sauce – your choice.

It may be the ultimate Sriracha stocking stuffer or group gift.

If you’ve got a bunch of Sriracha-loving¬†friends and you’re looking for a way to make them smile, the Sriracha keychain provides a lot of smiles in a little package. It has that cool Sriracha factor in a gift that most anyone can make use of. Not everyone wants a Sriracha shirt, but nearly all Sriracha fans (or hot sauce lovers in general) would love an easy and fun way to transport their favorite sauces on the go. Sriracha2Go is a definitely winner for that. You can buy only one, or there are 3-packs and 10-packs available that’ll save you some cash for buying in bulk.

UPDATE NOTICE: This post was updated on September 5, 2019 to include new content.
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