Tabasco Spicy Chocolate Review: Sweet Heat

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We all know the hot sauce, but how about the chocolate? Yes, Tabasco spicy chocolate is a thing, and a pretty good thing at that. I received some as a gift recently (thanks Jonathan and Maria from Bullseye Strategy), and I’m happy to report in that the flavor is strong in this spicy sweet.

Just how hot is it and what should you expect when biting into a piece? Let’s take a closer look.

Gourmet Chocolate With A Twist

In five words that’s how I’d describe the taste. Tabasco pairs its popular heat with some very tasty dark chocolate here; you aren’t overwhelmed by Tabasco flavor. In fact, it’s the gourmet chocolate that’s the star of the show initially, rich and flavorful. You get the heat on the tail end of the flavor experience. It hits after a few seconds of chewing and lingers just the right amount along with the rich bittersweet flavor of the dark chocolate.

How hot is Tabasco spicy chocolate?

I think they nail the heat here. It’s a mild heat, but that’s a very good thing. When making a spicy chocolate, you don’t want to kill the richness of the experience. The chocolate is the thing; the spice should only enhance, not be the star. And it should be something that many people can enjoy, not so hot that you can’t take a second bite. In both ways, Tabasco succeeds with their creation.

On the pepper scale, you’re looking at a heat on the mild-medium end, like a mild jalapeño (2,500 Scoville heat units). That’s just about where it should be to get a decent heat experience while appealing to more than just the bravest chiliheads.

Where can you buy Tabasco chocolate?

You can pick this gourmet chocolate up at specialty stores if you’re lucky. But if none carry it around you, look to Amazon or directly at Tabasco’s Country Store online. You can find the chocolate as individually wrapped pieces (shaped like a tiny pie piece) or in a tin (multiple pie pieces in a circle). The tin makes a great spicy gift by the way.

Overall, Tabasco spicy chocolate is a win: a mighty fine gourmet dark chocolate meets just enough Tabasco spice. If you get your hands on some, let the chocolate linger in your mouth for a bit to get the full spice experience. Tabasco wouldn’t want it any other way, and neither would we. Long live the heat.

UPDATE NOTICE: This post was updated on September 5, 2019 to include new content.
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