Taco Bell Verde Sauce Review: Green Is Good

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Taco Bell Verde Sauce is hard to find at the fast food chain these days. Many of the restaurants don’t carry it, or at least don’t readily offer it as an option. But luckily you can pick up bottles of this tangy sauce at retailers online and off. How does it taste? If you were addicted to the green Taco Bell hot sauce packets, then you’ll love having a bottle of this around. It’s the same thing in bottle form, refrigerator ready for your house. How does it, though, hold up against other hot sauces you can buy from store shelves?

Let’s take it for a spin.

The Taste

This is one tangy hot sauce, that’s for sure. Taco Bell Verde Sauce has a tomatillo and green chili puree base with a hint of lime. It has a nice clean tang to it, like you’d expect from anything made with tomatillos. Spices and dried onions are definitely prevalent, and it’s a good mix that adds a nice earthiness to the hot sauce. It helps ground the tang so that it’s not overwhelming – definitely a nice balance.

The Heat

This is a hot sauce made for the masses. Read that as there’s really very little heat here. Taco Bell does use jalapeño peppers  as one of the ingredients, but they are so diluted among the mix of green chilies and tomatillos that there’s very little to write home about in this department.


Unless you collect all things Taco Bell, this also isn’t an area where Taco Bell Verde Sauce shines. The label is simple, and just like the Taco Bell hot sauce packets, there’s a saying printed into it. Here it’s “Let’s paint the town green.” And that’s where it ends. That’s not to say that people won’t respond to this as a hot sauce gift. Those verde packets these days are hard to find, so if you’ve got someone who craves the green, they’ll definitely be ecstatic with a few bottles for the home.


Usability is probably this hot sauce’s greatest strength. Tomatillo, with its clean tomato-like tanginess, plays well with a lot of  foods. It’s great with eggs, tortilla chips, chicken dishes, and many Mexican meals. Plus, the mildness of this sauce definitely makes it one that kids and adults with sensitive taste buds will enjoy.

The Verdict

Taco Bell Verde Sauce doesn’t bring the wow factor in heat or collectability, but it’s definitely a tasty hot sauce that will get a lot of use around the house. Plus, any Taco Bell hot sauce packet fans will love rediscovering this now hard-to-find green sauce for home use.

UPDATE NOTICE: This post was updated on September 5, 2019 to include new content.
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