Five Fun (And Functional) Uses For Mini Hot Sauce Bottles

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Sure mini hot sauce bottles are travel-friendly and a great way to taste-test different flavors, but there’s a lot more you can do with them than that. There are many surprising uses for these tiny containers of heat.

Here’s five of our favorites that we’ve either tried personally or heard about through the grapevine. Some are creative and fun while others are functional and smart, but each really makes good use of the small size of these bottles.

Give them away as fun and spicy party favors

Mini hot sauce bottles make great barbecue party favors. Buy a a few sets and place them in a steel bucket near where good eats are goin’ down. Or place them near the door for people to pick up on the way out. There are definitely more unorthodox ways to use them as party favors too.

We’ve heard of mini Tabasco bottles being used as wedding table place-holders and given away as wedding favors. Those are no doubt some spicy relationships! Try them too as Halloween favors for those adults walking the rounds with their kids.

Spice up Christmas with mini hot sauce bottles as stocking stuffers

Chiliheads love spicy gifts, so a few miniatures hot sauces in that Christmas stocking is sure to get some smiles. You can also buy miniature hot sauce sets and wrap them up for under the tree.

Dress up the Christmas tree with colorful mini hot sauce ornaments

Since we are talking Christmas, why not spice up that tree a bit? Mini hot sauces and their bottle labels come in lots of colors. They really pop just like any good ornament (especially mini Tabasco bottles with their red and green coloring), and they’re just the right size. If you’re a real spicy food fan, you can have a ton of fun through placing these minis all over that Xmas pine. It’s definitely unique.

Go camping and hiking with heat in hand (or pocket)

When you’re on the move with backpack in tow, you want to carry as little weight as possible. Mini hot sauce bottles are perfect here. Plus, just like with airline food, a little dab of spice can do wonders for the taste of on-the-go camping food.

Improve airline food (and in-flight Bloody Marys)

As most miniature hot sauces are well under the maximum liquid allowance for carry-ons, you can typically carry one of them onto the flight with you. A few dabs of Tabasco can turn that bland airline sandwich into something a whole lot better. And it’s the perfect way to turn a “meh” airline Bloody Mary into something a lot tastier.

UPDATE NOTICE: This post was updated on September 5, 2019 to include new content.
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