Volcano Dust: Not Your Grandmother’s Spices

Now these are chili powders that’ll make you sweat.

The folks over at Volcanic Peppers don’t mess around when it comes to their products. They deal in the super-hots, the peppers that you just look at and begin to perspire. These are extreme eats that you enjoy with knowledge and care.

That’s the world of one of their most popular products – Volcano Dust  – which comes in many different mega-hot blends (see them on Amazon). If you love extreme heat, these are some exceptional chili powders that deliver on that and taste too.

What makes Volcano Dust special?

For us it’s the purity of what they make. Their main products are chili powders with no additives or preservatives. Each jar contains just 100% pure dried chilies, based off of the peppers on the label. Some Volcano Dust jars contain only a singular pepper, like the extreme Bhut Jolokia Volcano Dust (ghost pepper). Then there are others which blend two or three different super-hot chilies into one extreme spice blend, for instance the smoked habanero and Bhut Jolokia mix.

This is not your grandmother’s spice rack.

Volcanic Peppers gives you a clue to the heat through a numbering system, starting with Volcano Dust 1 that contains smoked habanero and red pepper. Let’s put that in perspective –  the lowest level starts with a hot pepper that’s between 100,000 to 350,000 Scoville heat units – at least 12 times hotter than the hottest possible jalapeño. Up the ladder, Volcano Dust 3 contains ghost pepper and 7-pot peppers. Here you are talking 850,000+ Scoville units. This is a far cry from a dash of paprika.

And when you’re looking to spice up your spice rack staples like Italian seasoning and garlic powder, Volcano Dust has you covered there too. Their Italian seasoning mixes ghost and 7-pot peppers with the typical garlic, onion, and other spices. This is not your old school spice rack staples for sure.

Our favorite of the bunch…

We are suckers for a rich and smoky chili flavor, so the chocolate habanero Volcano Dust has an extra special place in our heart. It’s still an extreme hot pepper, but not as hot as some of the other chilies that Volcanic Peppers packages. For us, it’s the perfect mix of smoky and earthy taste along with butt-kickin’ heat.

Perhaps best of all, Volcanic Peppers packages up combo packs where you don’t have to decide on just one powder. There are many options available, like the 4-pack which contains Volcano Dust 1 and 2, along with chocolate habanero and Bhut Jolokia jars. This can also make a great spicy gift for extreme food fans. It’s definitely one that will never be forgotten.

Eater be warned…

It can’t be said enough, these are super-hot peppers and for most Volcano Dust jars, Volcanic Peppers doesn’t cut them with anything to lessen the experience. These are not something to take lightly, so eat at your own risk. But if you’ve reached these heights in the pepper scale, these are some of the treasures at the top, no doubt. Volcanic Peppers does it right with these super spicy chili powders.

UPDATE NOTICE: This post was updated on September 5, 2019 to include new content.
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