Seven Of The Best Hot Pepper Jelly Uses

Hot pepper jelly is a favorite among spicy food lovers for its mild sweet-heat. But what can you do with hot pepper jelly? What are ways that you can incorporate it into your meals and your snacks? Here are some of our favorite hot pepper jelly uses that go beyond simply spreading it on toast. These are meal and snack time solutions that give your standard fare a nice little taste bud jolt. And all are easy to do.

Spice up your peanut butter and jelly sandwich

A good PB&J is a children’s favorite, but the sweet nuttiness is not lost on adults either! In fact, swap out your sweet jelly for some hot pepper jelly to create an entirely new eating experience. It’s nostalgia with a serious kick.

Mix hot pepper jelly with cream cheese to create a spicy spread

Cream cheese adds that silky smooth experience to the hot pepper jelly zing. Try it on top of your toast or bagel. Or add it as layers between your slices of French toast to create a truly unique taste experience for your brunch.

Use it as a topping for vanilla ice cream

Sure vanilla ice cream is tasty on its own, but it’s also the optimal base from which to play with unique ice cream toppings. The mix of heat, sweetness, mellow vanilla, and cold is something dreams are made of. It’s a simple dessert to whip up that’ll impress your family and guests.

As a hot pepper jelly glaze on grilled meats

Nearly any meal that calls for (or can have) a glaze works well with hot pepper jelly. It’s a really simple way to add a kick to an otherwise boring meal. Grilled pork is always the obvious one, but it’s really tasty with salmon as well. And hot pepper jelly glazed steak is surprisingly delicious.

Blend it into your frozen margaritas

Want to add some heat to your cocktail of choice? It’s one of our favorite hot pepper jelly uses. Just add a spoonful or two into the blender while you are making frozen margaritas. The sweetness complements the tang of the drink, and it adds a little spice that certainly brings a new twist to the cocktail. You can also do this with a margarita on the rocks. Add a small amount in the glass (to taste) and then shake thoroughly. You may want to melt the jelly in the microwave prior to make it simpler to use. Hot pepper jelly margaritas may become the hit of your summer party!

 Add it into homemade popsicles

The beauty of homemade popsicles and ices is that you can experiment with some really fun flavor combinations. Hot pepper jelly with mango or passion fruit is an easy and obvious win, but it also works with a lot of different flavors, tropical or no. It gives your popsicle treats just a slight kick that’s really enjoyable.

Turn your vinaigrette or Italian salad dressings into something a bit more exotic

The tang of these dressing styles really fits with the sweet heat of pepper jellies. Via the microwave, melt the jelly in a bowl and then whisk it thoroughly into your dressing of choice. It’s a fast way to spice up your salad.

As you can see, there are some really surprising hot pepper jelly uses out there that can really turn a standard dish into something much more unique. The heat of these jellies is rather low, so these are ideas that nearly everyone in the family can enjoy. So the next time you’re looking to spice up your mealtime, turn to hot pepper jelly for the kick. It’s a surprisingly versatile solution that’s inexpensive to boot. In our books it’s a must to have in the cupboard.

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UPDATE NOTICE: This post was updated on April 8, 2022 to include new content.
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