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The Hottest Peppers In The World (2024 Update)

The title of “hottest pepper in the world” is something that’s challenged more often than you may expect. Every year hot pepper cultivators find new ways to hybridize chilies and utilize their environment (soil, water, sunlight) to create peppers that will compete for the top …

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Jalapeno not spicy

Jalapeños Not Spicy? Here May Be Why

Have you experienced a jalapeño with a surprising lack of a kick? If your jalapeños are not as spicy as expected, there are many reasons why it may be the case. Let’s break down what may be happening with your bunch. There’s a natural heat …

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Do Peppers Need to Be Refrigerated?

Do Peppers Need To Be Refrigerated?

Fresh fruits and vegetables are among the most perishable food items, so do peppers need to be refrigerated to keep them at their peak? The quick answer: No, they don’t, within reason. Let’s break down why that is and what impact refrigeration does have on …

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Cayenne Vs. Habanero

Cayenne Vs. Habanero – How Do They Compare?

Cayenne and habanero peppers are widely recognizable hot peppers. Though, there’s a lot of differences between the two. How different? How hot are these chilies? How different are their flavors? Their shapes? Let’s compare the two. To note: we compare the fresh version of the …

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Chipotle Meco Vs. Morita

Chipotle Meco Vs. Morita – How Do They Compare?

Both the chipotle meco (a.k.a. chipotle tipico) and the morita pepper (a.k.a. chipotle morita) are types of chipotle peppers (dried, smoked jalapeños) commonly used in Mexican cuisine. Despite their shared origins, they have distinct characteristics, uses, and levels of popularity. How are they different? Let’s …

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jalapeno pepper plant

The Jalapeño Planting Guide: A To Zing

Jalapeños, with their perfect balance of heat and flavor, are a favorite among many gardeners. Not only do they spice up a variety of dishes, but they also add a dash of color and zing to your garden. This article aims to guide you through …

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Is chili powder spicy?

Is Chili Powder Spicy?

The question of whether chili powder is spicy or not is a bit more complicated than it may seem at first glance. The answer depends on a few things. For starters, you have to clarify what you mean by chili and what you mean by …

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