Berbere Spice Mix

What Is Berbere? The Story Behind The Spice

If you’re looking to add some new flavors to your cooking repertoire, berbere is definitely worth exploring. What is it, how is it used, and how spicy is it? We dive into the history of the berbere spice blend, its key ingredients, and some popular …

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What is Gochujang?

What Is Gochujang? The Story Behind The Spice

Gochujang has been making inroads into the relatively new American market for Asian hot sauces and chili pastes. Sriracha and sambal oelek were the pioneers, and they continue to be the most popular examples. Gochujang is a Korean challenger. So what is gochujang? Let’s explore its …

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Serrano Vs. Cayenne

Cayenne Vs. Serrano – How Do They Compare?

Cayenne and serrano peppers are two of the more common chilies you’ll find in supermarkets. But the form you find them in is quite different – the serrano more common fresh and cayenne pepper more often found in powdered form. How do their heat levels …

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How Long Do Bell Peppers Last

How Long Do Bell Peppers Last?

Have some bell peppers and you aren’t sure of their freshness? How long do bell peppers last, really? Bell peppers have a limited shelf life, like all fresh produce. While the type of pepper can affect shelf life, how they are stored can have an …

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