Cultivar vs. Variety vs. Hybrid

Cultivar Vs. Variety Vs. Hybrid – How Do They Compare?

Terms like cultivar, variety, and hybrid are common terms when describing chili pepper plants. And they are also used incorrectly much of the time. They are often used interchangeably, even though the words have quite different definitions. Let’s compare the three to get a better understanding …

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What is gochugaru?

What Is Gochugaru? The Story Behind The Spice

A staple spice in Korean cooking, gochugaru consists entirely of dried chili peppers that have been deseeded. Gochu translates to chili pepper and garu means powder so the spice’s name literally means chili powder.  The best hot peppers for gochugaru are those that have been …

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How to make curry spicier

How To Make Curry Spicier

Curry dishes can range in heat level from relatively mild to blisteringly hot. If you want your curry on the hotter end of the spectrum, you need to use methods and ingredients that build heat effectively without introducing unwanted flavors. There are several ways to …

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What is sambal oelek?

What Is Sambal Oelek?

You may see sambal oelek near Sriracha, that ever-popular hot sauce, but do you know what it is? Is it a hot sauce? A chili paste? Something else? How spicy is it? And what flavor should you expect? Let’s dive into what makes it tick. …

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