Aloo Gobi Curry Close-up Header

Aloo Gobi Curry With Buttery Basmati Rice

In the magic of Indian cookery, spices are like the kiss from a fairytale princess. They turn ordinary things into royalty. In our aloo gobi recipe, their wizardry transforms potato and cauliflower florets into one of the world’s great curries. Because it’s so popular across …

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Chorizo and shrimp fettuccine with pomodoro sauce

Chorizo And Shrimp Fettuccine With Pomodoro Sauce

Chorizo and shrimp fettuccine with pomodoro sauce is a pasta pleasure, conjuring Mediterranean sun and sea. Peppery chorizo and briny shrimp are paired in a rich tomato sauce that’s spiced with serrano peppers. Served over buttered fettuccine, every single flavor shines out brightly. All the …

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Fabada-Style Pork and Beans Close-up

Fabada-Style Pork And Beans

Influenced by Spain, this fabada-style recipe takes pork and beans to a higher level. Smoked ham hock, chorizo sausage, and belly pork are simmered with cayenne pepper, paprika, cannellini beans, garlic, onions and potatoes. Big flavors, big servings. Result? Big applause. It’s delicious as a …

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Fiery Chicken with Mediterranean Sauce

Fiery Chicken With Knockout Mediterranean Sauce

This fiery chicken dish gives crisp-skinned, tender chicken the chili spotlight it deserves. Tanged with olives and capers, its rich and fiery cherry tomato sauce is lightly sweetened by bell peppers. Serve with crunchy potatoes, roasted with garlic, and rosemary. The huge appeal of our …

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Beef With Oyster Sauce

Beef In Oyster Sauce

This is a hot one. Not only a top favorite when I eat in a Chinese restaurant, but truly outstanding for serving at home. Beef in oyster sauce is fast to prep and simple to cook. But make no error. This is seriously bowl-licking good. …

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Tequila-Marinated-Steaks With Patatas Bravas

Tequila Marinated Steaks With Patatas Bravas

Tequila, lime, salt. Now that’s an established trinity of flavors. And it’s the base for a marinade featuring cayenne chilies, cilantro, cumin, garlic, and black pepper. By heating the marinade with a little sugar and butter, you’ll have an intensely rich steak sauce. Serve those …

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Spicy chakalaka

Spicy Chakalaka

Hot, fiery, and incredibly versatile, spicy chakalaka is extremely popular across Southern Africa. The reason is simple. It can play Oscar-winning roles as a main course, side dish, or relish. I can’t think of anything I’ve eaten that has so many possibilities. Chilies might get …

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Chili con Carbonara

Chili Con Carbonara: A Pasta Triumph

If I had to choose a pasta dish above all others, this would be the one. It’s hard to believe that something so simple can taste so amazingly good. And the spiciness from the reds serrano peppers is a perfect foil with the creaminess. Chili …

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Indonesian Braised Beef With Spiced Rice (Dendeng Sapi Manis)

Indonesian Braised Beef With Spiced Rice

This exotic treasure, Indonesian braised beef (or dendeng sapi manis), stars steak braised in a sweet and sour sauce that’s fired by Thai bird’s eye chilies and spiced with nutmeg, cloves, tamarind, ginger, cumin, and cilantro. Ours pairs perfectly with a rice and corn dish …

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