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The Hottest Peppers In The World (2024 Update)

The title of “hottest pepper in the world” is something that’s challenged more often than you may expect. Every year hot pepper cultivators find new ways to hybridize chilies and utilize their environment (soil, water, sunlight) to create peppers that will compete for the top …

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Jalapeno not spicy

Jalapeños Not Spicy? Here May Be Why

Have you experienced a jalapeño with a surprising lack of a kick? If your jalapeños are not as spicy as expected, there are many reasons why it may be the case. Let’s break down what may be happening with your bunch. There’s a natural heat …

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Tia Lupita Hot Sauce_!

Tia Lupita Hot Sauce Review

Tia Lupita is a family-owned company with a rich Mexican back story, and their original hot sauce tastes like it comes from the heart: pure homemade, made with a lot of passion for the ingredients. There’s a rich flavor of sweet red jalapenos, mixed with …

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Chipotle chicken fajitas

Chipotle Chicken Fajitas

Fun, flavorful, and fast. That’s chipotle chicken fajitas. They are a triple threat come meal time. Smoky, fiery, and spiced just right—and they take just 30 minutes to make. This is a fun option for families who enjoy a little fieriness in their meals. The …

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Seven layer taco dip

Seven Layer Taco Dip

A spicy seven layer taco dip takes only minutes to make, but it’ll keep you and your guests munching for hours. It’s the perfect quick dip that tastes like you’ve put a whole lot more time into it.  If fresh jalapeños are too spicy, opt for …

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parihuela with tiger's milk

Peruvian Parihuela With Tiger’s Milk

Here’s a lavish but simple showstopper. A variety of seafood is lightly poached in a chili-fired consommé that’s spiced with cumin and cilantro. Yellow pepper, red onion, and garlic add depths of flavor to this Peruvian Parihuela that are spot lit by a vividly tangy …

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Jalapeno Corn Casserole

Jalapeño Corn Casserole

A corn casserole is one of those dishes that works well as either a filling meal or as tasty side. And for us, of course, it’s even better when it’s spiced up! It adds an edge to this feel-good food. This is one very versatile …

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Do Peppers Need to Be Refrigerated?

Do Peppers Need To Be Refrigerated?

Fresh fruits and vegetables are among the most perishable food items, so do peppers need to be refrigerated to keep them at their peak? The quick answer: No, they don’t, within reason. Let’s break down why that is and what impact refrigeration does have on …

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Spanish gazpacho

Spanish Gazpacho

The bright flavors of smoked paprika, garlic, and vinegar emphasize the glories of ripe tomatoes in this Spanish gazpacho recipe. Mellowed by cucumber, olive oil and the sweetness of red and yellow bell peppers, this gazpacho takes the whole concept of chilled soup to a …

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