Unique Chili Flakes That You Won’t Find In Your Local Store

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Every grocery store carries its red crushed pepper flakes staple, but what about different varieties of chili flakes? Chances are you won’t find anything else.

But there’s a whole wide world of chili flakes out there that really run the gamut from mild to spicy on the Scoville scale. If you love chili peppers, you’ll want to check some of these hard to find options out – all available online. They’ve got big flavor and (some) big heat. They’re perfect additions for your cupboard, and terrific ingredients for dips, barbecue rubs, pizza, snacks, Asian dishes, Mexican dishes, and more.

Sonoran Spice Ghost Pepper Flakes

Bring the ghost to you table in chili flakes form. 

Ghost peppers are arguably the most popular of the mega-hot chili peppers. They’ve got the cool name and the heat to back it up. And that heat is no different in flake form. These are sinfully hot – so hot that fair warning should be given to anyone about to use it for the first time. Ghost pepper flakes have a sort of smoky flavor, and the heat builds over time.

If you’re looking for a step down in heat, you can also try either of the Sonoran Spice Habanero Flakes – still hot, but without the extreme punch! Or try their jalapeño flakes which are a nice step down in heat. They are even milder than true crushed red pepper (which contains the spicier cayenne pepper).

Ghost Pepper, Habanero, & Jalapeño Flakes

A great gift for the spicy food lover. 

So you could buy each Sonoran Spice chili flake variety individually, or you can go for the gusto with this three pack that runs the pepper scale from (close to) bottom to (near to) top! It contains all three Sonoran Spice options listed above, so if all three sounded delicious, here’s your answer. It’ll bring a lot of variety to your choices for hot pepper flakes, and it makes an awesome hot pepper gift for the heat inclined.

The Spice Hunter Crushed Chile Pepper Chipotle

Hard to find and supremely tasty. 

If you love the smoky heat that dried and smoked jalapeño brings to the table, you’ll love these chili flakes. The Spice Hunter brand gets rave reviews for its freshness and spicy (and earthy) heat. It’s truly a great choice for those that love barbecue and dream of smokin everything.

Red and Green Sweet Bell Pepper Flakes

And now for something way milder. 

There’s a whole world of milder pepper flakes out there, and none are milder than the hard to find bell pepper flakes. Essentially there is zero heat here, but a whole lot of flavor. Bell pepper flakes actually make an excellent alternative to using fresh pepper in many dishes, and it’s an extremely popular ingredient for soups and stews.

Volcano Dust – Tim’s 10 Pepper Flakes

And now for the “I dare you” chili flakes. 

Well, it’s called Volcano Dust for a reason. This is a concoction made for the gods of heat. A mix of the hottest chili pepper flakes known to man, including ghost pepper, Trinidad Moruga Scorpion (crazy heat here), Scotch bonnet, and habanero. You won’t find many chili flakes hotter than this, and you should use it with care!

UPDATE NOTICE: This post was updated on September 5, 2019 to include new content.
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