Fairhope Favorite’s Original Moonshine Hot Sauce Review

Fairhope Favorite’s Original Moonshine hot sauce looks unassuming. It’s clear, after all, so really how hot, flavorful, or useful can it be? But there’s a surprising amount to love about this hot sauce, with a (pretty) family-friendly heat and a neutral flavor which lets your food’s intended flavor shine through (for better or worse!). If you love Tabasco, but prefer something a little lighter on flavor to play with in the kitchen, you have a winner here. 

Note: This review covers Fairhope Favorite’s Original Moonshine Hot Sauce, not their Extra Hot sauce. 


If you love vinegar as the star of your hot sauces, then you’ll love Fairhope Favorite’s Original Moonshine Hot Sauce. It’s a pepper juice that you can add to pretty much anything and it won’t change the overall flavor.

Truly, there’s not much to this ingredient list of Fairhope Favorite’s moonshine Hot Sauce, just vinegar, onion, garlic, pepper, and salt. Between that and the clear color, this is a sauce meant to support a meal, not star. 

Also, this bad boy only has 5 mg of sodium versus the 1300 mg of sodium you’ll get with Tabasco or Louisiana Hot Sauce. If you’re looking for a low-sodium hot sauce, keep this one on your short list. 

Heat Balance:

In terms of heat, think hotter than Tabasco, but not so hot that you couldn’t pass it to your grandma for a little dinner pick-me-up. Read: it’s still pretty family friendly. 

Really the balance favors heat over flavor, and that’s the point. Yes, there’s a light vinegary flavor and a nice hint of garlic, but not enough so that balance to the overall heat. You want that balance to let the sauce meld more into the supporting flavors of a meal. 

Fairhope Favorite’s Original-Moonshine Hot Sauce on Spoon
The moonshine consistency of Original Moonshine Hot Sauce

That said, the watery consistency and alcohol-bottle like pour spout (more on that below) makes it harder to keep on one bite. It can easily tilt the flavor balance on the plate compared to a hot sauce in a dasher bottle like Tabasco. It really does pour out like moonshine, and it’s easy to overpour. Not that I know how moonshine comes out, I’ve just seen it on TV Land:) 


This Moonshine Hot Sauce has many of the same qualities as Tabasco, but it’s flavor and heat profile actually make it even more versatile. That’s saying a lot since Tabasco is crazy versatile. It’s a great addition to salads, eggs, beans, or chicken dishes. It’s also delicious simply added to French fries like an amped-up vinegar. Yeah yum.  

The one issue is their container. It’s awesome for collectibility but a challenge for usage. The top of the bottle does not have a small pouring spout. It’s shaped just like a small bottle of alcohol, so don’t assume you’ll be sprinkling… this was made for straight-up pouring. Careful, because it will find its way onto whatever is on your plate. It just like alcohol, you pour it on a plate, it’ll spread. Some of you may find that delightful and others may end up with soaked bread, when really all you wanted was a little spice on your eggs.

It’s shaped just like a small bottle of alcohol, so don’t assume you’ll be sprinkling… this was made for straight-up pouring…

Warning: If you have actual moonshine in your house, keep these far away from each other! The bottle, liquid and old school label are exactly the same!!! I mean, I think. Not that I would know what real moonshine is… I’VE SEEN IT ON TV LAND!


I give them a double high five for their label. It’s got a hip, yet old school feel that makes you wonder, “Would I have bought Moonshine during Prohibition?” Even though it’s a plastic package, the label makes up for what the bottle is lacking. 

Fairhope Favorite’s Original Moonshine Hot Sauce Label
Cool label, plastic bottle

Now, if you’re not a wimp when it comes to hot sauce, I have sipped this after taking a bite of a burrito – like moonshine(!) and it gave me just enough heat to satisfy. Maybe that’s why it comes in this kind of bottle? They want you to change your hot sauce ways, skip sprinkling and start sipping! Careful, you may get to a place where you’ll never want to leave home without it. I could see this replacing people’s flasks. It’s healthier and great with literally anything.

The Score:

Fairhope Favorite’s Moonshine Hot Sauce is a good everyday hot sauce if you want the sauce to get out of the way of the food’s natural flavor. Cool label, pour-friendly spout (careful!). The plastic bottle takes some away from collectibility. (Amazon)

Overall Flavor4
Heat Balance3.5
Based on a scale from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest)

UPDATE NOTICE: This post was updated on June 13, 2020 to include new content.
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I got a bottle of this before they changed their label. I’m definitely a wimp when it comes to heat, but I like the vinegar flavor of this. It’s definitely not something someone should be afraid to let a kid or senior try. It will make your lips warm, but not like Frank’s Red Hot or Tabasco, and definitely not like one of those horrible “Hot just for the sake of being hot with no flavor” sauces. For a look at their old label, here is a screenshot on IMGUR. A guy and a bloodhound taking a “rest stop” on… Read more »