Burn After Eating Hot Sauce Label

Burn After Eating Hot Sauce Review

Holy hell hot sauce! Burn After Eating Hot Sauce is terrifyingly spicy. I might be dazed and confused because my tongue has been burning for five minutes straight. But is there more to this super-hot sauce than pure fire, or is it solely brain-numbing heat? …

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Senor Lechuga Hot Sauce .002 Label

Señor Lechuga Hot Sauce Review (.002)

You simply don’t know what to think when you see that label on a bottle of Señor Lechuga Hot Sauce (.002). So simple – to the point – listing a handful of primary ingredients, including chipotle peppers and Carolina Reapers, and seemingly random numbers. And …

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Tabasco Sweet and Spicy Sauce label

Tabasco Sweet And Spicy Sauce Review

Tabasco Sweet and Spicy Sauce calls what it claims to be right in its name. But how sweet is sweet? And how spicy is spicy? Do they work together to be something more? How does it compare to other Tabasco-brand hot sauces? Let’s dive into …

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Tajin Mild Hot Sauce

Tajin Mild Hot Sauce Review

Tajin seasoning is one of those blends you can just obsess over. From sprinkling it on fruit to bringing a fiery tang to margarita glass rims – it’s a winner in my book. So call me excited to try their hot sauce! Is it everything …

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Old Bay Hot Sauce label

Old Bay Hot Sauce Review

If you’re an Old Bay addict, here’s a hot sauce you’ll want to know. McCormick announced in February 2020 that they would be releasing a limited edition Old Bay Hot Sauce, and it sold out quickly. But the good news is it’s back, and it …

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Valentina Hot Sauce label

Valentina Hot Sauce Review

Valentina Hot Sauce is adored by many for its bold chili pepper flavor and thicker consistency, especially compared to other popular “daily driver” mass-market hot sauces. It’s marketed as “The Mexican Hot Sauce” So, does its flavor meet those high expectations? Is the heat well-balanced? …

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Melinda’s Green Sauce label

Melinda’s Green Sauce Review

Melinda’s Green Sauce is described right on its web page as, “crafted by blending together a lot of good green stuff.” And that it sure is. It’s chock-full of green things — from jalapeños to spinach and more. There’s a lot to take in on …

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Tabasco Original Red Sauce on spoon_Cover

Tabasco Original Red Sauce Review

There’s a reason Tabasco Original Red Sauce has a place in kitchens and on dining tables across the country. It’s simple, has a tasty tang, and its heat builds well (but isn’t the overwhelming kind.) It gives you that slight tingle on your tongue and …

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Howler Monkey Hot Sauce - Original

Howler Monkey Hot Sauce (Original) Review

If you know your monkeys (and who doesn’t, I say), you may have gathered Howler Monkey Hot Sauce is a Panamanian-style sauce. Howler monkeys being the tell here for those in the primate know — a species native to Central America. But enough Nat Geo …

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