Kumana Avocado Sauce Be Mango Review

Kumana Avocado Be Mango hot sauce is a mild sauce, with bell pepper and only the tiniest hint of jalapeño in the mix. This mild avocado sauce actually cools down food more than it heats it up, and it rocks a mere 10 calories per tablespoon (a big win for those counting), zero carbs, and no added sugars. But how does its flavor profile stand up and where does it shine in terms of usability? Let’s break it down.

Note: this is Kumana’s mildest sauce among a few offerings. If you’re looking for a hot sauce, this is not it. Think of it more like a replacement for everyday condiments like ketchup and mustard.


The ingredients are many in Kumana Avocado Be Mango Sauce: onion puree, mango puree, green bell pepper puree, avocado puree, white distilled vinegar, water, cilantro, parsley, and avocado oil. There’s also less than 2% of a list of other ingredients, including green jalapeño puree.

It’s the onion and vinegar that are front and center at first bite – tangy and earthy – and the green bell pepper puree provides a fresh cooling experience on the back end. Jalapeño peppers may be on the label (and promoted in some places), but there’s no real sign of them in the flavor profile. And surprisingly the avocado and mango aren’t as prevalent in the flavor profile as you’d think beyond enforcing the tang (from the mangos). If you’re looking for that creamy avocado taste you’d expect, look somewhere else because you won’t find it here.

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Heat Balance:

In terms of heat….anything else is hotter than this. You want heat? March in the opposite direction. This is the sauce you let the kids go nuts with. Have an aunt who’s afraid of heat? Just put this in front of her.

That said, not every sauce has to be crazy-hot (what?!), but boy does it feel like Kumana Avocado Be Mango Sauce is just asking for something spicy to be added. You get that in other sauces in their line. But the better option is to pair this sauce with already spicy food to add a cooling twist (more on that in Usability).


This Avocado Be Mango Hot sauce can truly be used on anything, especially if you like onions and vinegar. Even if you hate avocados, you can still use this sauce as any avocado flavor is very subdued.

The subdued flavor, along with the facts that its low calorie (10 calories per tablespoon), zero carbs, and that it has no added sugar make it a very good everyday condiment choice for health-conscious eaters. You could use this on sandwiches instead of ketchup, mustard, or mayonnaise very easily. It’s also quite tasty on eggs.

But perhaps my favorite use case: using it with already spicy food. This is an excellent sub for sour cream on spicy tacos, burritos, or other spicy meals. It will cool things down.

Their bottle is a regular plastic squeeze bottle, which is useful because you’ll need to use a LOT on a plate to get a true flavor profile going. It’s a slightly watery consistency but will stay where you put it.


Their label does make you feel like you’re buying the cleanest and healthiest sauce out there, and with the low calories and no carbs, I’d say the label is doing its job. Though it’s not a bottle that’ll grab the eye. This is an everyday driver sauce, not collectible in any real way.

The Score:

If you’re looking for a healthier sauce alternative to hot sauce, Kumana Avocado Sauce Be Mango is a reasonable choice. It’s very usable, with a good (not great) overall flavor. Jalapeño may be in the ingredients list, but you won’t taste it here. (Amazon)

Overall Flavor3
Heat Balance2.5
Based on a scale from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest)

UPDATE NOTICE: This post was updated on June 14, 2020 to include new content.
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