What Is Liquid Cayenne Pepper?

Sure you’ve seen cayenne pepper powder, capsules, and flakes, but liquid cayenne pepper? What’s that exactly?

Think of it like fast-acting cayenne pepper pills. It’s a staple for those looking for a healthy energy booster, weight reducer, and pain reliever, just to name a few. And in liquid form, it’s absorbed much more quickly into the body than in pill or capsule form. Let’s take an even closer look at this health supplement to see just what’s in there.

What are the ingredients in liquid cayenne pepper?

Liquid cayenne pepper is a simple recipe. Cayenne pepper extract, grain alcohol, and distilled water. Simple as that. Extracts are highly potent in terms of overall capsaicin (the compound in peppers that deliver the heat and health benefits), so you’ll feel the burn when adding even a few drops of liquid cayenne into a drink. You’ll feel the potency of 30,000 to 50,000 Scoville heat units easily.

There are some liquid cayenne supplements out there that promise 180,000 Scoville heat units and more. These are typically a mix of cayenne with a super-hot pepper like a habanero. Just be careful when reading the label – these mixes may be way more heat than you’re expecting.

What are the benefits of liquid cayenne pepper?

The benefits are the same as they are with any chili, and there are many of them. Chili peppers are amazing natural energy boosters, pain relievers, and weight loss supplements, and that’s just the beginning. Hot peppers stimulate circulation and increase muscle recovery time. Studies have even shown links to hot peppers and cancer prevention. It’s pretty powerful stuff. And of course, liquid cayenne pepper uses a grain alcohol base which helps relax the muscles of the body as well.

Liquid cayenne pepper vs. pills

There are certain benefits the liquid offers over a cayenne pepper pill, and it all stems from how quickly the liquid is absorbed into the body. Pills need to travel to the stomach and be broken down, so absorption takes a while. Liquids, on the other hand, are absorbed very quickly, so the impact of the supplement is felt a lot sooner.

For weight lifters, runners, or anyone else who does intense exercise, this is key. The liquid mix helps muscle recovery and pain reduction faster than a pill would.

On the flip side, due to the alcohol intensity of the liquid, it does have a taste that some people could live without. Many prefer organic cayenne pepper powder. And the powder when thoroughly stirred into liquid can have a relatively fast-acting effect too, of course without muscle relaxing benefit of the grain alcohol.

How is liquid cayenne pepper used?

A few drops at a time. This is hot stuff. The labels typically recommend 1 to 30 drops per half cup of water, taken 2 to 4 times each day. We’ve found that for energy boosting and normal pain reduction 5 to 10 drops is plenty, but results will vary per person and per workout.

People find all sorts of ways to ingest cayenne pepper liquid, from adding it to smoothies (very popular) and juices to just plain old water.

What does taking liquid cayenne pepper feel like?

Taking it feels very similar to taking cayenne pepper pills, and that too will vary per person. In our experience, there’s an initial impact of extreme heat on the taste buds followed by a slow warming of the core that lasts thirty minutes or longer. Your body feels revved up.

So if you’re looking for a good post-exercise supplement or a quick boost alternative for coffee, this is another excellent alternative. Some prefer the capsules more than liquids, but the speed of the liquid is definitely a big plus. There are benefits to using both in tandem – cayenne pills for general use daily and cayenne liquid following exercise for fast results.

UPDATE NOTICE: This post was updated on September 5, 2019 to include new content.
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Bruce Huron

I am a male, 60+ yrs, healthy, and have consumed chile peppers for many years. In reading the intro here, I feel that the writer may appreciate the info I have to offer: It is important to the human physiology, that the seeds of hot chile peppers are not consumed. Of course, one can understand that in commerce, separating the seeds from crushed chiles is problematic; But, the aforesaid is true. Experience a hot chile meal, without seeds, and 12 hours later, notice very little discomfort upon elimination! The seeds are not digestible, and the “hotness” is there as Mother… Read more »