Satan’s Blood Hot Sauce Review

Satan’s Blood Hot Sauce is the most dangerously hot hot sauce I have ever had! HOLY H. E. DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS! You better keep 911 on speed dial in case you forget to wash your hands after eating this because once it makes contact with skin it burns like a bat out of hell. So <end heat-induced rant>, let’s get to the goodies. It’s obviously super-hot (and more on that below), but how well does Satan’s Blood’s flavor, usability, and collectibility set it further apart from the pack? Let’s break it all down.

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No brand name has ever been truer. Satan’s Blood Hot Sauce has an “I AM SATAN AND I BLEED HELL HEAT” kind of flavor to it. The ingredients are very simple: chili pepper extract and red wine vinegar. You will notice nothing but the burning sensation that will kick you and remain long after you’ve raised the anti-christ with this. This is a sauce that you use one or two tiny drops at a time. You go one drop too far and you’ll catch yourself chugging a gallon of milk and praying to the hot sauce gods that your tongue will return to normal.

Now, this is all made possible because it’s made with chili pepper extract – read concentrated heat and no real flavor. Satan’s Blood claims 800,000 Scoville heat units, and it certainly feels like it delivers. To put that in fresh pepper perspective, that’s nearly the equivalent of eating a ghost pepper (which starts at 855,000 Scoville units). Comparing it to Sriracha (roughly 2,000 Scoville units), Satan’s Blood is around 400 times hotter. So know going in what you’re getting into.

Satan's Blood Hot Sauce in spoon
Satan’s Blood on a spoon

It won’t be any surprise because really the extreme heat hits you the second you open up the vial. My nostrils perked up real quick when I got a whiff. And I could feel the spiciness in the air. This sauce is great for extreme hot sauce eaters who really want to push the limits of what they can handle. Which, in this case, is probably the tip of a toothpick dipped in and eaten very carefully.

Heat Balance

The experience here is heat and a whole hell of a lot of it. That’s the entire point of the sauce. In this way, it’s well-balanced. It does its job very well. But if you’re someone looking for any underlying flavor experience, you won’t get it here. This sauce would make the devil cry, but it won’t bring a nice smoky or fruity undertone to your food.


Satan’s Blood comes in a small vial (very cool – read Collectibility below) which doesn’t allow the sauce to come out quickly. The sauce, too, is more saucy than watery, slowing down how quickly it pours. Both are as it should be, given the dangerous level of heat here.

I found a drop or two (max) was enough to bring an eatable level of heat to soups and chile con carne. Because of its vinegar base, I thought it’d be pretty good for fries. But it only made it on two of them and then I decided I was good with just ketchup and a side of milk.

And that’s the big usage problem here. Satan’s Blood is excellent when adding it to a liquid base. We’ll definitely look at it to warm up soup without changing the underlying flavor. But for those of us with normal, non-super-human taste buds, it’s way, way, way too much as an additive on solid foods. It just becomes too concentrated in one place. If you’re not careful, Satan’s Blood Hot sauce will bite you in the ass and turn the burliest of men into total wimps. But if you use with care (and consider when and where it’s used), this is a hot sauce that can bring true devil’s heat to your table.

Satan's Blood Hot Sauce bottle
The Satan’s Blood bottle is one of a kind – adds mystique to the shelf


The bottle it comes in is very cool! It looks like a wicked poison vial from a different age. There’s no sticker label attached to it either (their label is hung atop like a door hanger), so you’ll have a rad looking vial. That is, should you ever finish this sauce. It’ll take a while.

The Satan logo, too, really plays up exactly how hot this is and adds to the collectibility. But I’m glad that it’s on a removable paper label. Good on the makers of this sauce for knowing how cool their bottle is and letting it be the showstopper on the shelf. It just looks so different than other hot sauce options. And the lack of a label on the bottle just adds to its mystique.

The Score

Satan’s Blood is one extreme hot sauce with a ton of collectibility due to its one of a kind vial. The overwhelming heat is the experience, so use sparingly. Those looking for a balance of flavor and spiciness should look elsewhere.

Overall Flavor3.5
Heat Balance4
Based on a scale from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest)

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UPDATE NOTICE: This post was updated on October 23, 2023 to include new content.
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A dude at work had this. He actually was a Satanist. I tried a drop. I didn’t react much to it. But I have a high tolerance to spicy things. It did burn and cause my tongue to go numb. It took about 20 minutes to fully subside. The next day, this young kid who thought he was hot stuff tried it. He was always bragging about how he was good at everything and getting all the girls. He licked a spoon with a couple drops and turned pale Then he started sweating. Really fun to watch. We all had… Read more »


I was given a teaspoon almost filled with this sauce to taste on saturday. I immediately started sweating, crying, and my nose was running. I was given a spoon of sour cream to try and aleviate it. it did not help. we didn’t have milk. Big mistake. Keeping my mouth in running water for 15 minutes while it died off was the trick…. for my mouth that is. After it settled, I sat down, when I started feeling something in my gut. It built up, and kept getting stronger. It was like constipation pains turned up to 10. I started… Read more »


Just ate a cheese burger with 2 drops smeared on bun. Like review said all heat, no flavor. Although I though 1 chip challenge had more bite.

Michael Muratore

No flavor at all, just pure heat! Ended up using it mostly in combination with the more flavorful “mild” hot sauces I had to really spice them up! Great to add to whatever wing sauce too!

Bryn Simonds

Buy this at your own risk, I just used a small drop on a slice of pizza and I drank about 6 small cups of milk, it’s scary hot

Kort Kramer

Sounds …entertaining.

Kort Kramer

Sounds …entertaining.