Eight Delicious Sriracha Uses

Sriracha sauce, as many Americans know it, is a mild hot sauce that comes in a distinctive bottle with a green cap (read our review.) The familiar version is an American hot sauce produced by Huy Fong Foods from Los Angeles, California. What some people in the US don’t know is that its original incarnation is a traditional Thai sauce that is usually served with fried foods. The sauce is versatile regardless of which version you are using — there are numerous applications for it. Here are eight of the classic Sriracha uses – enjoy!

Dipping sauce

The classic use for sriracha is as a dipping sauce. If you are a traditionalist, you can use it straight with no additives. It works particularly well with fried foods, so you can use it to enhance everything from fish fingers to chicken nuggets or fried okra. Its acidity and mild flavors that include a gentle heat allow it to complement a wide range of foods; those same qualities make it a great mixer as well.

You can combine it with ranch dressing, mayonnaise or cream cheese since it blends particularly well with creamy ingredients. You can also use it in ketchup to get a milder, sweeter version. 

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General condiment

Sriracha’s well-known and subdued flavors make it a great topping for some of your favorite foods. You can use sriracha instead of or along with ketchup to give a little kick to a hamburger; similarly, it makes a great addition to or replacement for ketchup on a hotdog. Add it to a premade pizza or use it in place of pizza sauce if you make one at home. Sriracha is made with jalapeño chiles, which makes it a great complement to tacos and burritos despite its Southeast Asian heritage. 


Pho and ramen are very similar dishes, and sriracha goes well with both of them. In Asia, sriracha is the more traditional complement for pho and ramen is also improved with a little additional spice and light acidity. The subtle umami note from the garlic is helpful as well.

For pho, it is common to combine the sriracha with hoisin sauce before adding it to the broth. For best results, use sriracha in moderation to avoid obliterating the subtle flavors of pho. 

As a dry seasoning blend

Yes, sriracha is a hot sauce, but you can cook down the hot sauce over prolonged mild heat to turn it into a seasoning blend. Sriracha powder is quite versatile, too. You can use it on any of these ideas here. And it’s an excellent option for when that extra liquid of hot sauce is not a good option.

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On eggs

The creamy richness of eggs is greatly enhanced with the use of sriracha. Use it in place of Tabasco on scrambled or fried eggs if you need a milder heat. The fact that sriracha is thicker makes its mouthfeel superior for many people. It works well with hard-boiled or deviled eggs as well. 

Stir fry sauce

Sriracha sauce is not exactly a traditional ingredient in stir-fry sauces, but it works very well as one. Add it to the other stir-fry sauce ingredients for subtle heat. The mildness of sriracha pairs well with soy sauce, oyster sauce, and similarly flavorful ingredients. It can bring its subtle heat while also helping to give body to a stir fry sauce. 

In a Bloody Mary cocktail

The Bloody Mary cocktail is all about savory flavors and spice. Sriracha fits perfectly into the flavor profile, and you can use it to replace other sources of heat traditionally used in these beverages, such as pickled jalapeños and habaneros.

In buffalo sauce

Sriracha is excellent as the source of heat for buffalo wings or a meatless equivalent like buffalo cauliflower. The ultra-mild Frank’s Red Hot is the traditional hot sauce used on buffalo wings; sriracha increases the heat level while retaining the same appearance.

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