Truff Hot Sauce Review

Truff Hot Sauce may look like a classic hot sauce on the first pour, but you soon get a good whiff of its unique selling point: truffles. You definitely notice the truffle smell right away and might assume it will overpower the spice, but you’d be dead wrong. Both the peppers and truffles shine in their own perfect way. So with that, how well does its heat, flavor, and use set itself apart? Let’s break it all down.

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The ingredients in Truff Hot Sauce are red chili peppers, vinegar, organic sugar, garlic, salt, black truffle, organic agave nectar and olive oil infused with black truffle. And the flavor profile pretty much maps a lot to that order.

For all the play on truffles, Truff Hot sauce is still a hot sauce first. It has a predominant red chili taste at top with lovely sprinkles of truffles complementing, but not overtaking, the sauce.

I don’t know about you, but I always assume anything with truffles will just completely taste like 100% truffles, but this sauce puts my assumptions to bed. There’s also a sweetness to this hot sauce that I really enjoyed. If you’re not one for sweeter hot sauce, there are better options out there for you as some may find this too sweet.

Heat Balance

This sauce is definitely on the low-end of medium heat. Around 2,500 Scoville heat units (SHU). That puts its spiciness inline with a very mild fresh jalapeño pepper (2,500 to 8,000 SHU) or Sriracha sauce. It’s well balanced with enough spice to satisfy the ones who crave heat, but it doesn’t force the issue. Really it’s the other flavors that star and the heat is a well-balanced complement.

The kick lingers slightly, but you’ll still probably go through a third of the bottle in one meal (it’s that tasty). It can be enjoyed in large quantities as long as you’re okay with that slight burn. It’s hot enough that I wouldn’t recommend it for kids, but really how many would touch a truffle anyway?

Truff’s Original Hot Sauce on a spoon


I could see Truff Hot Sauce going well with burgers, fries, fried chicken, and sautéed veggies to start. This sauce is great for dinner and could replace your steak sauce. Watch out A1! There’s actually a surprising amount of use cases here for a sauce that feels like it should be a little above these cooking basics.

The bottle is a beautiful glass bottle, with a black diamond-shaped lid. It will certainly raise the aesthetics of whatever table you place it on. The spout has a small hole that makes it great for drizzling. Trust me, you won’t want drops of this, you’ll definitely want drizzles.


I love the high end look and feel of this bottle. It’s very bougie and it just reminds you of the secret superpower hidden within, those black truffles. If you want some hot sauce at an upscale party, Truff Hot Sauce most certainly needs to be at the top of your list because this bottle outshines any plastic hot sauce bottle you’ll find.

The simple black label goes with the simple, yet elegant black truffles featured in this sauce. Once I finish this bottle (guaranteed in the next 24 hours) I’m actually thinking about cleaning off the label and reusing it as a tiny, cute vase. Reduce, reuse, recycle, AM I RIGHT? Well, either way, this bottle will be sticking around because it has style and so does the hot sauce inside.

The Score

Truff Hot Sauce is a well-balanced, medium heat hot sauce featuring a delicious truffle flavor. It’s sweet and earthy, but not overwhelming on the truffle side. Beautiful packaging and a lot of use cases. Those who don’t like sweeter hot sauces may want to look elsewhere, as well as those not into the truffle flavor.

Overall Flavor4
Heat Balance4
Based on a scale from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest)

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UPDATE NOTICE: This post was updated on August 27, 2023 to include new content.
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Lawrence Victor

I thought I might like this interesting idea (should have read the ingredients label first)….Ridiculous icky-sweet flavor. Dreadful.

Marshall Barth

Definitely sounds interesting and worth a try!!!


If you like a strange sweet hot sauce this might be for you. I received the white as a gift and I am still trying to figure out what it is good on. Have not found it yet.