Extra Poblanos? Here’s What To Do With Poblano Peppers

Poblano peppers are known for their mild heat and earthy flavor, and they’re very versatile because they are large with thick walls. They are perfect stuffing peppers for those looking for something a little bolder than a bell pepper. If you end up with extra poblanos, there are many fun ways to use them up. Here’s what to do with poblano peppers that are taking up space in your kitchen.

Roast them

Roasted poblano peppers are tasty on its own with no further steps, but the peppers are often ingredients in other dishes. To be roasted, the peppers are placed over an open flame or under a broiler. The open flame/broiler blackens the skin and makes it easier to peel. At the same time, the roasting process brings out the earthy and lightly fruity notes in the pepper’s flavor profile.

Dry them (if you have red poblanos)

Note this works best for ripened red poblanos. Fresh green poblanos do not dry well.

Yes, you could dry those ripe red poblanos yourself for future use via rehydrating. Dried red poblanos are called ancho peppers, and they are a staple of Mexican cuisine, including the popular Mexican mole sauce.

–>Next step: Make a homemade mole sauce that uses ancho powder

There are many ways to dry poblano peppers. Take a look at our best methods for drying chilies post to consider your best options. And learn the best way to rehydrate peppers for when you want to get the most flavor.

Make a poblano cream sauce

Poblano cream sauce is a fast and easy way to use up extra poblanos, and the cream sauce provides a lot of versatility in use. Try it over chicken or turkey. It’s delicious, too, over white fish. And, of course, adding it to pasta is always a tasty option.

Our poblano cream sauce recipe uses six poblano peppers, so it’s a great way to use quite a few in one go.

Whip up a poblano corn chowder

Homemade vegetable soups of any type are a great way to use up extra poblanos. Really any soup that calls for bell pepper is an option for poblano use instead. That said, poblano corn chowder is one of our favorite ways to use up some extra chilies quick. It’s rich, earthy, and hearty – perfect for cold days (or any day where comfort food is a must!). Take a look at our recipe here.

Make a Chilean pebre sauce

While not traditionally Mexican, pebre sauce is a really tasty way to use up extra poblanos, especially if you’re looking for a topping for grilled meats. Think of pebre sauce like a pico de gallo designed for Chilean barbecue. It has a fresh, earthy tang that just works. Give our recipe a try.

Make an enchilada sauce (also great as a dipper)

Don’t get stuck on the name here. Enchilada sauce can be used for a lot more than enhancing enchiladas. It’s also delicious on tacos, burritos, and other Tex-Mex cuisines. Plus, it’s perfect as a tortilla dip.

Green poblanos are perfect for making a green enchilada sauce. See our recipe here that matches tomatillo with both fresh jalapeños and poblanos.

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