Pork cutlet curry (Tonkatsu Kare)

Pork Cutlet Curry (Tonkatsu Kare)

Tonkatsu kare is part of a Japanese fusion food style (yoshoku) that goes back over a hundred and fifty years. It’s a pork cutlet curry that brings a bold, richly spiced flavor to the table. The spicy curry sauce is full of Anglo-Indian influence. And …

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Thai seafood curry

Thai Seafood Curry: Hot, Sweet, And Sour

This multi-flavored, vibrantly colored Thai seafood curry is fired by spicy bird’s eye chilies, sweetened with papaya and palm sugar, and spiced by the sharp, citrusy tang of tamarind. It’s a terrific taste of Thailand that’s ready in just thirty minutes. In this beautiful dish, …

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Daltjie Chili Bites

Daltjie Chili Bites: An A1 Appetizer

These three-chomp flavor-bursts are wonderfully addictive. Daltjie chili bites are fiery, spicy, crunchy, and smooth — all at the same time. And it’s their irresistibly moreish mix of tastes and textures that makes them such A1 appetizers. A daltjie — sounds like dul-chee — is …

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Spiced pork Wellington with garlicky spinach

Spiced Pork Wellington With Buttery Garlic Spinach

Pork, chili peppers, and pastry join chorizo, mushrooms, and onions to produce this show-stopping delight. Our pork Wellington matches its elegant, aristocratic good looks with an understated wealth of subtle flavors. And, to top it all, it’s surprisingly easy to make. Pork loin is rightly …

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Chili burger with sides

Five-Star Chili Burgers With Homemade Relish

These chili burgers compete head-on with the joys of a great steak. Juicily tender inside, and with a sealing char on the outside, there are huge flavors here. The secret to such stellar burgers? Just follow some simple rules. It’s now a hundred years since …

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Andhra Chicken Curry — Spicy Kodi Kura

Andhra Chicken Curry — Spicy Kodi Kura

Our super-spicy chicken curry has its fiery roots in the world’s leading chili-producing region, the state of Andhra Pradesh in south-east India. Andhra chicken curry (also known as Andhra kodi kura) is a hot, richly spiced dish that’s beautifully balanced by a gentle cinnamon and …

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Steamed shrimp dumplings with fiery dipping sauce

Steamed Shrimp Dumplings With Fiery Dipping Sauce

Depths of delicate flavors, textures, and colors make these steamed shrimp dumplings a richly satisfying treat. And when paired with a hot, sweet, smoky, and slightly tart dipping sauce, they’re ideal for a rather special light-ish lunch or supper. These generous, two-bite delights are so …

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Seared spiced mangoes

Seared Spiced Mangoes With Turkish-Style Cream

Magic happens sometimes. Especially when spicy flavors, bold colors, varied textures, and thoughtful simplicity combine to create amazement. Add searing heat to the spiced mangoes and chilling cold to the cream and the alchemy’s complete. I’m not kidding. I was amazed and delighted. The first …

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Sabich Meze-Style

Sabich: Meze-Style, A Perfect Share

It’s easy to see why sabich has a huge, homeland fan base in Israel. Packed in pita, this is a hand-held flavor bomb. It’s also great meze-style for sharing with friends and family, starring hot mango chutney, tahini sauce, fried eggplant, tomatoes, cucumber, and eggs. …

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Chilaquiles close-up

Chilaquiles: The Mexican Wave Of Breakfasts

For a happy weekend breakfast, chilaquiles tick all the right boxes. Coated by fiery salsa, crisped tortilla strips are topped with refried beans, tangy soured cream, salty feta, and softly poached eggs. It’s like two fab sunrises on one morning. Our chilaquiles are all about …

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