Torchbearer Garlic Reaper Sauce logo

Torchbearer Garlic Reaper Sauce Review

I love heat, but I’ll admit I was a little scared of Torchbearer Garlic Reaper Sauce before I tried it. I mean, it stars the Carolina Reaper – the chili that tops the Scoville scale – as the first ingredient listed in its ingredients list. …

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Sauce Bae Skinny Habanero Hot Sauce on Spoon

Sauce Bae Skinny Habanero Hot Sauce Review

I like it when hot sauces till you what’s what right up front. Sauce Bae’s Skinny Habanero Hot Sauce nails that on its label. “A hint of sweetness wit the perfect kick” is pretty spot on. And “skinny” speaks volumes here. Low-sodium, vegan, gluten-free – …

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Daves Cool Cayenne Hot Sauce on Spoon

Dave’s Cool Cayenne Hot Sauce Review

So the label of Dave’s Cool Cayenne Hot Sauce sort of says it all, with its laid-back chili pepper soaking in the sun. This is one cool Louisiana-style sauce – in attitude and flavor – with enough tang and heat to make it very addictive. …

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Slap Ya Mama Cajun Pepper Hot Sauce Close Up

Slap Ya Mama Cajun Pepper Sauce Review

The simplest way to describe Slap Ya Mama Cajun Pepper Sauce is think Tabasco, but a little hotter plus a lot more flavor. This is a perfect Louisiana dasher sauce – the aged pepper mash shines boldly and the vinegar balance makes this one of …

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Blair’s Mega Death Sauce on spoon

Blair’s Mega Death Sauce Review

Blair’s Mega Death Sauce is a sauce with very specific instructions on the label – which I whole-heartedly agree with: NOT RECOMMENDED FOR USE WITHOUT DILUTION. If you don’t wanna burn off your vocal chords and be angry at yourself for most of the day …

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Angry Goat Purple Hippo Hot Sauce on Spoon

Angry Goat Purple Hippo Hot Sauce Review

Angry Goat Purple Hippo Hot Sauce totally caught me off guard. Prickly pear cactus juice as a primary ingredient? How many times have I even had prickly pear cactus juice? I don’t even remember if I ever have had any cactus juice at all, so …

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Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce on Spoon

Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce Review

We’ll cut to the chase: Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce is a habanero and cayenne pepper concoction that you should fear. It’s the kind of hot that goes straight to the back of your throat and lingers for a long while. Unless that is, you …

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Dirty Dick's Hot Sauce on Spoon

Dirty Dick’s Hot Sauce Review

When you claim you’re “the world’s greatest hot sauce”, you better be ready to back it up with flavor. And Dirty Dick’s Hot Sauce does just that. There’s no better way to say it – Dirty Dick’s is a flavor explosion, with an immediate tropical-sweet …

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