Fire Fruits Hot Sauce – Fiery Orange Review

“Hot never tasted so good” is Fire Fruits motto, and I’ll buy it. Fire Fruits Hot Sauce – Fiery Orange hits you with the sweet taste of oranges and a surprising kick from both habanero and scorpion peppers. It’s a good amount of heat for those that want a real kick with a real flavorful sweetness. But how does this hot sauce balance out and how usable is it with its citrusy flavor? We break it down.


If you like the fresh taste of orange, you’ll love this hot sauce. I haven’t tried any other orange-flavored hot sauces that are this flavorful or heat forward.

The ingredients in Fire Fruits Fiery Orange are orange juice, habanero peppers, scorpion peppers, vinegar, whole onions, whole garlic, dry oregano, salt, and whole cilantro.

I wouldn’t call it sweet. It has a sweet kick up top which is quickly taken over by the habanero and scorpion peppers. You’ll feel the heat right away and it will build as you eat it.

This is a slightly vinegar-forward sauce, but it does not rely on it for its flavor. The vinegar balances out the sweetness from the orange juice and the whole garlic, onion, and cilantro add a decent amount of depth. You can taste the “freshness” here – it’s not gritty with powdered versions of these spices, making it truly enjoyable.

Fire Fruits Hot Sauce - Fiery Orange

Heat Balance:

In terms of spiciness, I’d call this sauce medium-hot. Scorpion peppers can sound scary (as their Scoville heat units are in the millions). And habaneros aren’t any slouch in the heat department either. But both are toned well down in this sauce. The depth of flavor and spiciness are well paired.

That said, you’ll feel the heat quickly on your lips, and you’ll be left with a slight lingering burn from the peppers, but nothing that’s too overwhelming (as long as you don’t use too much at once).

The heat here builds up over time, but it doesn’t sneak up on you so you’ll know how much you can or can’t handle right away. For most hot sauce lovers out there, this will be a winner that brings the heat but not so much that you can’t keep enjoying your meal.


Fire Fruits Fiery Orange has more uses here than you’d think. Go beyond trying to map to “what works with orange?” as there’s a lot more to this sauce. This is the kind of sauce that you can add to near anything bland and make it BAM!

It’s perfect on tacos and steaks. I also tried this on my breakfast burrito and the subtle oranges in this really brought out all the flavors and fit perfectly with my side of orange juice. The orange flavor is balanced enough that it’s also great with nachos and anything with cheese.


The bottle is a smaller, made of thick glass with a label that reads “hip and flavorful.” I love their logo of a hipster orange, tricked out with sunglasses and a Brooklyn-vibe mustache. The orange holds up the two peppers in this sauce, delivering the story of what you’re about to eat.

Overall the label feels well thought out and artisanal so they hit the jackpot with their design, even though it may look a little busy with all the fonts. It works very well with the flavorful sauce inside the bottle.

The Score:

Fire Fruits Hot Sauce – Fiery Orange is well-balanced, flavorful, and fresh-tasting. There are some big-heat peppers in the ingredient list, but the spiciness pairs well with the depth of the flavor.

Overall Flavor4
Heat Balance4
Based on a scale from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest)

UPDATE NOTICE: This post was updated on June 14, 2020 to include new content.
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