Morita pepper substitutes

What Are The Best Morita Pepper Substitutes?

Morita peppers, a type chipotle pepper, are well-known for their unique smoky flavor and moderate heat. These smoked, dried jalapeños are an essential ingredient in Mexican cooking. However, they might not always be readily available in your local grocery store. Here are some of the …

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Nam prik pao substitute

What’s A Good Nam Prik Pao Substitute?

Nam prik pao is sometimes called Thai chili jam and is a spicy, savory condiment traditionally served with fresh vegetables. You will need it to get that authentic taste in many Thai-style recipes for soups and stir-fried dishes, but it is not yet a common …

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chaat masala substitute

What’s A Good Chaat Masala Substitute?

Chaat masala (or chat masala) is one unique seasoning. A staple of Indian cuisine, it delivers a complex mix of tart, salty, and spicy all rolled into one. So how do you make do if you have none in your cupboard and a recipe calling …

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Aji Panca

What’s A Good Aji Panca Substitute?

Aji panca is a favorite for Peruvian cuisine, and with its berry-like smoky flavor its easy to see why. Aji panca is typically found in paste or powder form; in both forms, they are simple to purchase online. But what if you need a substitute …

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Chili Sauce Substitute

What’s A Good Chili Sauce Substitute?

You may have come across “chili sauce” as an ingredient for your next great recipe find. But this term is just about as generic as can be in the world of spicy food. What is chili sauce, exactly? And what would be a good chili …

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Shichimi Togarashi Substitute

What’s A Good Shichimi Togarashi Substitute?

Japanese cuisine and spicy aren’t often a pairing that goes together, but there are some exceptions. One is shichimi togarashi seasoning. The popular Japanese spice mix, also known as Japanese seven-spice seasoning, is popular for everything from Asian soups and tempura to noodles and grilled …

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Jamaican Jerk Seasoning Substitute

What’s A Good Jerk Seasoning Substitute?

The famous Jamaican jerk seasoning can turn many a cut of meat and Caribbean meal into something exotic, flavorful, and no doubt spicy. Though, while it’s easy to find at most grocery stores, it’s not for most people a seasoning that’s a no-brainer for the …

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Bell Pepper Substitute

What’s A Good Bell Pepper Substitute?

Bell peppers are everywhere, of course, but that doesn’t mean that trying an alternative from time to time isn’t worth the culinary adventure! Whether you’re looking for an alternative to the grassy bright flavor of the bell or you’re simply ready to explore peppers with …

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Hot Paprika Substitute

What’s A Good Hot Paprika Substitute?

Hot paprika can be either hot Hungarian paprika or hot smoked paprika from Spain. The Spanish and Hungarian versions are interchangeable, but you may not have an easy time finding either in the average American grocery store. If you are trying to replace either type …

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