Sicilian Tuna Steaks in Spicy Sauce with Garlic Spinach

Sicilian Tuna Steaks In Spicy Sauce

Sicily has had a deeply significant relationship with tuna that goes back tens of centuries. This Sicilian tuna recipe brings out the best in tuna steaks – with chilies (peri-peri here, or another), olives, tomatoes, rosemary, oregano, and garlic. And some Marsala wine or medium …

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Hearty Tom Yum Soup

This hearty take on tom yum soup may be one of the best soups you’ll ever make. It might not be ‘authentically’ like a serving in Thailand, its home country. But finish a big bowl and don’t be surprised if you’re desperately hoping for another …

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Lime and Jalapeno Baked Salmon

Lime And Jalapeño Baked Salmon

A healthy and zingy dinner option, lime and jalapeño baked salmon is full of flavor with just a little heat. Baking the salmon with butter results in moist fish with the flavor deliciously locked in. If you have time, we recommend marinating overnight to achieve the …

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Mussels Saganaki

Taverna-Style Mussels Saganaki

Rich and warming with a nice fiery bite, this mussels saganaki recipe is an exceptional winter dish, but delicious any time of year. Unmistakably Greek, it’s one of those rare starters that is equally outstanding when served as an elegantly simple main course. It really …

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Pan-fried calamari with rich chili jelly

Pan-Fried Calamari With Rich Chili Jelly

The truly great thing about this pan-fried calamari recipe is that it’s so easy to cook outstandingly well. Hot and fast is the key to this simple, elegant starter. Serve it with our first-class chili jelly for that touch of pop that makes things even …

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Goan Prawn Pattice with Coconut and Cilantro Relish_1a

Goan Prawn Pattice With Coconut And Cilantro Relish

These little temptations are seriously moreish. Their subtly spiced filling of garlicky, roughly diced prawns is fired by Thai bird’s eye chilies and wrapped in buttery puff pastry. Pair them with our coconut and cilantro relish for an irresistible appetizer. Casually elegant and delightfully indulgent …

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parihuela with tiger's milk

Peruvian Parihuela With Tiger’s Milk

Here’s a lavish but simple showstopper. A variety of seafood is lightly poached in a chili-fired consommé that’s spiced with cumin and cilantro. Yellow pepper, red onion, and garlic add depths of flavor to this Peruvian Parihuela that are spot lit by a vividly tangy …

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Thai seafood curry

Thai Seafood Curry: Hot, Sweet, And Sour

This multi-flavored, vibrantly colored Thai seafood curry is fired by spicy bird’s eye chilies, sweetened with papaya and palm sugar, and spiced by the sharp, citrusy tang of tamarind. It’s a terrific taste of Thailand that’s ready in just thirty minutes. In this beautiful dish, …

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