Six Delicious Yum Yum Sauce Uses

If you have ever been to a Japanese steakhouse, you may be familiar with the sauce that they serve with multiple dishes. It is often called Yum Yum sauce but goes by a number of names, including Japanese white sauce and sakura sauce. It is extremely versatile and also very easy to make; in fact, you can try out our version of homemade Yum Yum sauce. For evidence of its versatility, see some of the many Yum Yum sauce uses that’ll have you coming back for more.

Yum Yum Sauce Uses
Yum Yum sauce is tasty with steak, but there are many more ways to use it.

As a dipping sauce for vegetables

Instead of a ranch dressing, try the tangy and complex set of flavors that Yum Yum sauce brings to a vegetable platter. Its rich blend of mayonnaise, tomato paste, and spices provides a delightful contrast to the crisp texture and natural flavors of fresh veggies like carrots, bell peppers, broccoli, and celery.

The sauce’s subtle sweetness and hint of umami enhance the taste of both raw and lightly steamed vegetables, making it a versatile and crowd-pleasing option for appetizers, snack platters, or healthy side dishes.

As an accompaniment for shrimp

Whether the shrimp is grilled, sautéed, or fried, Yum Yum sauce adds a delectable layer of flavor, making it a popular choice for dipping or drizzling over shrimp dishes.The sauce enhances the natural sweetness and delicate flavor of the seafood with its rich, creamy texture and subtle tang. This pairing not only elevates the taste experience but also adds a touch of indulgence to any shrimp-based meal.

As an accompaniment for Japanese fried rice

Yum Yum sauce also pairs well with hibachi-style fried rice. The fried rice that you get at a Japanese steakhouse has a lot that sets it apart from Chinese fried rice. Among the differences are the use of butter instead of oil, as well as the use of short grain jasmine rice. Yum Yum sauce is an excellent complement to this style of fried rice. It melds seamlessly with the rice’s various ingredients, such as vegetables, eggs, and proteins, makes it a versatile and beloved accompaniment.

As a dipping sauce for fries

You may be familiar with fry sauce, which is sometimes called fancy sauce. It was invented by a Don Carlos Edwards, a chef from Salt Lake City and was served in his barbecue restaurant. Fry sauce is the ultra-simple mixture of ketchup and mayonnaise that you can use as a dipping sauce for French fries.

Yum Yum sauce could be viewed as the upgraded version of fry sauce. The fact that it has a few more flavoring ingredients (including paprika and garlic powder) enables it to add even more flavor to fries. It is an effective complement to both regular fries and sweet potato fries.

As a side sauce for sushi

While a sauce that consists largely of mayonnaise may not seem like it would be a good complement for certain uniquely Asian flavors, that is not the case when it comes to Yum Yum sauce. Yum Yum sauce is popular in sushi restaurants just like it is in hibachi steakhouses. The sauce’s creaminess and slight sweetness actually make it a perfect complement to the clean flavors of sushi.

As a salad dressing

Yum Yum sauce can make a delightful and unique salad dressing. Its creamy texture and rich, tangy flavor, which combines mayonnaise, tomato paste, sugar, and a hint of spices, add a burst of umami to any salad. It actually has a lot in common with a famous salad dressing: Thousand Island dressing.

Whether drizzled over a simple green salad, used to dress a hearty bowl of mixed vegetables, or paired with grilled chicken or shrimp, Yum Yum sauce elevates the dish with its savory and slightly sweet profile. For a balanced and flavorful salad, consider adding crunchy elements like nuts or seeds, and fresh ingredients like cucumbers, tomatoes, and avocados, to complement the sauce’s distinctive taste.

You can even use Yum Yum sauce in coleslaw as its slight sweetness and mild acidity make it the perfect stand-in for a traditional coleslaw dressing.

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The dollop packed too much of a wallop and that was a foul up, kathy


I just mixed a dollop of Yum Yum sauce in with the mayo in my classic chicken salad recipe. Finally – the perfect chicken salad!