Chili burger with sides

Five-Star Chili Burgers With Homemade Relish

These chili burgers compete head-on with the joys of a great steak. Juicily tender inside, and with a sealing char on the outside, there are huge flavors here. The secret to such stellar burgers? Just follow some simple rules. It’s now a hundred years since …

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Tarongia—A Delicious Sicilian Flatbread

Tarongia pairs a flatbread (that’s wonderful enough to enjoy on its own) with a topping of sun-dried tomatoes, pecorino cheese, anchovies, green olives, capers, red onion, fennel, and red serrano peppers. It’s like tasting the sunshiny essence of Sicily. In the world of pizza-like delights, …

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Sichuan pork wontons

Sichuan Pork Dumplings in Red Chili Oil Sauce

Fiery. Simple. Delicious. That’s the winning combo that makes these Sichuan pork dumplings rewarding. Filled with full-flavored, coarsely ground pork, and coated in a seriously fiery, high-umami sauce, they’re grand for a spicily satisfying lunch or supper. I’ve come to think of these dumplings in …

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Chorizo Frittata With Chili Jelly

Leftovers? Don’t use any in our chorizo frittata served with chili jelly, please. And don’t expect any after you’ve served it. This is a super special omelet with no space for refrigerator oddments. Instead, there’s that spicy chorizo, mushroom, potato, cayenne chili, and goat’s cheese. …

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Anda Bhurji_Featured

Anda Bhurji — Spicy Brunch Eggs

Huevos rancheros, shakshuka, and their variants are all grand eggs ‘n chili dishes. But this Indian version of scrambled eggs is in a league of its own. It’s called Anda Bhurji and will likely shoot to the top of your brunch favorites. Think of how …

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Rakott káposzta

Rakott Káposzta (Hungarian Peasant Bake)

Layers of paprika-packed flavor are baked under a creamy topping in this rich celebration of spicy sausage, smoked pork, and tangy sauerkraut. Cayenne peppers add a little fiery spark to our rakott káposzta, a Hungarian peasant bake. And toasted caraway seeds give plenty of bold, …

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Pork cutlet curry (Tonkatsu Kare)

Pork Cutlet Curry (Tonkatsu Kare)

Tonkatsu kare is part of a Japanese fusion food style (yoshoku) that goes back over a hundred and fifty years. It’s a pork cutlet curry that brings a bold, richly spiced flavor to the table. The spicy curry sauce is full of Anglo-Indian influence. And …

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Lion's Head meatballs with crispy chili relish

Lion’s Head Meatballs With Crispy Chili Relish

As you might expect from their name, Lion’s Head meatballs are epic in size and savor. Made with shoulder and belly pork, these baseball sized beauties are braised alongside bok choy and served with an extraordinary, crispy chili relish. Statues of lions have long been …

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parihuela with tiger's milk

Peruvian Parihuela With Tiger’s Milk

Here’s a lavish but simple showstopper. A variety of seafood is lightly poached in a chili-fired consommé that’s spiced with cumin and cilantro. Yellow pepper, red onion, and garlic add depths of flavor to this Peruvian Parihuela that are spot lit by a vividly tangy …

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