Aphid infestation on a plant leaf

Aphids on Pepper Plants? Here’s What to Do

Noticing some tiny green bugs on your pepper plants? They are probably aphids. Aphids may be good for the ecosystem, but they can also cause a lot of destruction to your pepper plants, sending all your months of hard work down the drain. While you …

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Cajun pickled eggs

Cajun Pickled Eggs

You’ll either love ’em or hate ’em. That’s the deal with pickled eggs, especially the spicy kind like these Cajun-styled gems. Tangy, slightly sweet, and fiery – with a healthy dose of brown sugar, Cajun seasoning, and cayenne pepper powder. These are eggs with an …

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homemade yakiniku sauce

Homemade Yakiniku Sauce

If you like your barbecue sauces a little sweet, a little fiery, and a bit exotic, try crafting up a homemade yakiniku sauce. Yakiniku in Japanese simply means “grilled meat”, so really the sauce says exactly what it is: grilled meat sauce. It’s a perfect marinade …

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Habanero Flakes

Homemade Habanero Flakes

So cayenne-based crushed red pepper just isn’t hot enough for you? That’s ok. Habanero peppers can amp things up quite nicely. Habanero flakes can work anywhere you’d use generic red pepper flakes, with a couple of flavor twists. There’s an ever-so-slight hint of sweetness to them that you …

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Canned jalapeno vs fresh

Canned Jalapeños Vs. Fresh – How Do They Compare?

Canned jalapeños and fresh jalapeños are both used liberally in many Latin and Tex-Mex recipes. Each brings different qualities to a dish that you should keep in mind when choosing between them. How do they differ? Let’s compare the two. How do canned jalapeños differ from …

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Cayenne Vs. Jalapeño

Cayenne Vs. Jalapeño – How Do They Compare?

Cayennes and jalapeños are two of the most popular chilies in the world. They are both very common in the kitchen, but their looks, heat, and use cases typically differ quite a bit. Let’s compare these two chilies – their heat, flavor, use cases, and …

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Sport Peppers

Sport Pepper Guide: Heat, Flavor, Uses

What are sport peppers? Chicago wouldn’t be Chicago without sport peppers. These tangy, medium-heat pickled peppers (10,000 to 23,000 Scoville heat units) are a must for Chicago-style hot dogs (served whole on the dog) and just as tasty sliced for sandwiches, hoagies, and pizzas. They …

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