root bound plants

Root Bound Plants: Symptoms And How To Fix

Knowing when plants like peppers — including both sweet peppers and chilies — have become root bound or containerized is one of the more important gardening skills. It is also useful to know how to treat root binding, since it can affect whether one of …

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jalapeno pepper plant

The Jalapeño Planting Guide: A To Zing

Jalapeños, with their perfect balance of heat and flavor, are a favorite among many gardeners. Not only do they spice up a variety of dishes, but they also add a dash of color and zing to your garden. This article aims to guide you through …

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How long do pepper seeds last

How Long Do Pepper Seeds Last?

Saving pepper seeds to grow new pepper plants is more than just a way to save money, it is sustainable and can teach you a lot about cultivating peppers. Peppers are one of the best plants for seed-saving because of the ease with which you …

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Pepper Plants Growing Slowly

Pepper Plants Growing Slowly? Here May Be Why

Slow growth is a common but fixable problem with pepper plants. The most general explanation is that your pepper plant environment is not ideal for fast growth. Of course, many factors can make the environment less than ideal. Most of the common issues that cause …

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Pepper companion plants -- basil with green peppers

10 Best Pepper Companion Plants (And 5 To Avoid!)

Companion planting is an age-old planting method that allows you to get the most out of your vegetable garden by growing different plants together. Companion planting not only promotes healthier growth of your peppers but also offers other surprising benefits. What benefits? And which plants are best? …

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Overwatered plant turning yellow

Are You Overwatering Pepper Plants? Signs and Fixes

Pepper plants are fairly easy to grow. For this reason, these plants are often recommended as great starter plants for new gardeners. But even so, pepper plants run this risk of being overwatered if they’re not handled with appropriate care. It’s a common pepper problem. …

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How Much Space Do Pepper Plants Need

How Much Space Do Pepper Plants Need?

Peppers are one of the best vegetables you can grow yourself — they are relatively easy to grow, full of nutrition, and versatile in dishes. Still, there is plenty to understand about getting the best harvest possible. One of the critical factors for growing peppers …

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