Will frost kill pepper plants

Will Frost Kill Pepper Plants?

Temperature is one of the most important factors in success with growing peppers. So, the short of it: Will frost kill pepper plants? Yes, pepper plants don’t handle cold temperatures well and are far from frost-tolerant, so frost will kill them. In North America, unprotected …

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calcium deficiency in pepper plants - blossom end rot

Calcium Deficiency In Pepper Plants: Signs And Fixes

All plants need sufficient nutrients from the soil for them to be able to grow up without suffering from health problems. Most gardeners know that their pepper plants need nitrogen along with potassium and phosphorus, as these are included in most all-purpose fertilizers. What some …

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sunscald on peppers

Sunscald On Peppers: Signs And Prevention

Pepper plants are vulnerable to many potential problems throughout the growing season. Sunscald is a common problem that you might encounter when you plant peppers in a sunny location. It also often affects tomatoes and cucumbers. Sunscald is especially common when young pepper trees are …

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Cayenne pepper plants turning yellow due to disease

Pepper Plants Turning Yellow? Why And What To Do

Yellow leaves on pepper plants are not merely unattractive, they indicate that the plant has a serious problem. Chilies and sweet peppers are both popular among home gardeners because they can thrive in many different conditions; however, their toughness doesn’t mean that they are invulnerable. …

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root bound plants

Root Bound Plants: Symptoms And How To Fix

Knowing when plants like peppers — including both sweet peppers and chilies — have become root bound or containerized is one of the more important gardening skills. It is also useful to know how to treat root binding, since it can affect whether one of …

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Pepper companion plants -- basil with green peppers

10 Best Pepper Companion Plants (And 5 To Avoid!)

Growing pepper from seed can be a fun and easy experience if you follow the necessary guidelines like soaking your seeds overnight before planting them. Whether you have limited space or an entire garden, you can still reap the benefits of sowing your pepper seeds …

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How Much Space Do Pepper Plants Need

How Much Space Do Pepper Plants Need?

Peppers are one of the best vegetables you can grow yourself — they are relatively easy to grow, full of nutrition, and versatile in dishes. Still, there is plenty to understand about getting the best harvest possible. One of the critical factors to making the …

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