Sriracha Vs Tabasco

Sriracha Vs. Tabasco: How Do They Compare?

Names don’t come any bigger in the world of hot sauce than Tabasco and Sriracha. One’s an American staple with more than a century of history, the other a comparative upstart that’s captured the imagination of a generation of foodies. But how else do they …

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Ancho Vs. Guajillo

Guajillo vs. Ancho – How Do They Compare?

Guajillo and ancho peppers are two dried Mexican chilies that are typically reconstituted in water or ground to powder when used in Mexican or Tex-Mex cuisine. Despite many similarities, guajillos and anchos have quite a few different properties. Which pepper is hotter? How easy is …

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Picante Sauce vs Salsa

Picante Sauce Vs. Salsa: How Do They Compare?

You can find pre-made Picante sauce and pre-made salsa in the Mexican aisle of your local grocery store. Mild and hot versions of each are available and can serve similar purposes, but how different are these two ingredients? When should you use one and when …

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Pasilla vs guajllio

Pasilla vs. Guajillo — How Do They Compare?

Pasilla chilies — also known as the pasilla negro or chile negro — and guajillos are two popular dried Mexican peppers. They both are part of the famous Mexican holy trinity of dried chilies (along with the ancho) that are so popular with mole sauces …

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Ancho Vs. Pasilla

Ancho Vs. Pasilla — How Do They Compare?

Anchos and pasillas are two kinds of dried chili peppers that are also staple ingredients to keep around if you plan on cooking Mexican food regularly. Both chilies are musts for authentic Mexican mole and are part of what many consider to be the holy …

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Jalapeno vs. Fresno

Fresno Vs. Jalapeño — How Do They Compare?

Fresno and jalapeño peppers are two medium-sized chilis that often get mistaken for each other. They do have similar appearances, but how alike are they outside of that? Is the Fresno chili hotter than the jalapeño, or vice versa? Is one more popular than the …

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Chiltepin vs. pequin

Chiltepin Vs. Pequin: PepperScale Showdown

Chiltepin chilies are also known as chile tepin or bird peppers — the latter nickname comes from the fact that birds love the pepper, consume it heavily (because of their tiny size) and spread the seeds. Pequin peppers — also called piquin peppers — get …

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