Serrano vs Jalapeno

Serrano Vs. Jalapeño – How Do They Compare?

The serrano and jalapeño are two medium-heat hot peppers that closely border each other on the Scoville scale, but are they really that similar? How do they differ in spiciness? Taste? Do they look different? Originate from the same region? And which is more common? …

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Harissa vs. Sriracha

Harissa Vs. Sriracha – How Do They Compare?

Harissa and sriracha have been trendy over the last decade or so, but with sriracha being the more popular of the two by far. If you are unfamiliar with both, note that there are several important differences despite how much harissa and sriracha can – …

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Old Bay Vs. Cajun Seasoning

Old Bay Vs. Cajun Seasoning – How Do They Compare?

Old Bay seasoning and Cajun seasoning are two regionally iconic American spice blends. Old Bay comes from Maryland; Cajun seasoning is associated with parts of Louisiana. The two differ strongly in their intended effects on food, although both are flavorful and have several ingredients in …

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Gochujang vs Sriracha

Gochujang Vs. Sriracha – How Do They Compare?

Gochujang and sriracha are two chili pepper preparations that look similar and offer similarly understated spice levels. Gochujang is sometimes referred to as Korean sriracha; however, they have some important differences and are not interchangeable. Let’s compare these two fiery condiments so that you can …

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Genus vs Species

Genus Vs. Species – How Are They Different?

As they relate to chili peppers, the terms genus and species are used to classify plants according to their characteristics. Whether you are an enthusiastic lover of hot peppers or a curious cook, it is a good idea to have an understanding of the science …

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