Tabasco Scorpion Pepper Sauce in Spoon_cover

Tabasco Scorpion Pepper Sauce Review

My assumption before tasting Tabasco Scorpion Pepper Sauce was the heat wouldn’t really burn me, because, well….it’s made by Tabasco. How hot would they make it, really? Oh was I wrong about that. This scorpion pepper hot sauce brings real wrath to the table, much …

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Hot Yuzu Sauce label

Hot Yuzu Sauce Review

Like a little citrusy tang in your sauce? Muso From Japan’s Hot Yuzu Sauce delivers there in spades. It’s got that lemony tartness that’s totally fresh and zingy, but does that “zing” include a well-balanced chili pepper bite as well? And how usable is it …

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Tabasco Family Reserve label

Tabasco Family Reserve Pepper Sauce Review

Meet the deeper shade of Tabasco. That’s right, the McIlhenny family (the makers of Tabasco) go for a richer flavor with its small-batch, barrel-aged Tabasco Family Reserve Pepper Sauce. How different is it from Tabasco Original Red? How well is it balanced in terms of …

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The Last Dab XXX Hot Sauce label

The Last Dab XXX Hot Sauce Review

Few hot sauces become as synonymous with extreme heat as The Last Dab XXX (a product of Hot Ones, First We Feast, and Heatonist.) After all, it uses the infamous Pepper X (three kinds, triple X!) as its chili pepper base, and they sit high …

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Skyline Chili Hot Sauce Label

Skyline Chili Hot Sauce Review

If you’re from Cincinnati, you likely have heard of Skyline Chili. The restaurant has a long history and devoted following in the region (and now across multiple states.) Why all the love? The chili, of course — more a sauce than a chili con carne. …

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Hoppin Hot Sauce Label

Hoppin Hot Sauce Review

Hoppin Hot Sauce is chock-full of California good-feelings, leaning into its creator’s love of California cuisine. It uses locally grown ingredients (like tangy Meyer lemons) and two flavorful chilies that hail from just south of the California border. So, how do all of these ingredients …

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Burn After Eating Hot Sauce Label

Burn After Eating Hot Sauce Review

Holy hell hot sauce! Burn After Eating Hot Sauce is terrifyingly spicy. I might be dazed and confused because my tongue has been burning for five minutes straight. But is there more to this super-hot sauce than pure fire, or is it solely brain-numbing heat? …

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