Trader Joe’s Habanero Hot Sauce on Spoon

Trader Joe’s Habanero Hot Sauce Review

Here’s my first unassuming thought about Trader Joe’s Habanero Hot Sauce: “I mean it’s Trader Joe’s brand, how hot can it be?” It’s hot! Surprisingly so. There’s a true medium heat here that builds and then slowly dissipates from your lips and tongue. This is …

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Tapatio Hot Sauce on a shelf

Tapatio Hot Sauce Review

If you’ve ever been out west, Tapatio Hot Sauce sits on every table in California. It has that kick that won’t knock you down and a punch of flavor that makes any dish simply better. So, why is this sauce so popular? How does its …

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Valentina Hot Sauce label

Valentina Hot Sauce Review

Valentina Hot Sauce is adored by many for its bold chili pepper flavor and thicker consistency, especially compared to other popular “daily driver” mass-market hot sauces. It’s marketed as “The Mexican Hot Sauce” So, does its flavor meet those high expectations? Is the heat well-balanced? …

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The Last Dab XXX Hot Sauce label

The Last Dab XXX Hot Sauce Review

Few hot sauces become as synonymous with extreme heat as The Last Dab XXX (a product of Hot Ones, First We Feast, and Heatonist.) After all, it uses the infamous Pepper X (three kinds, triple X!) as its chili pepper base, and they sit high …

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Crystal Extra Hot Sauce Label

Crystal Extra-Hot Sauce Review

Love Crystal Hot Sauce but want more oomph? Enter Crystal Extra-Hot. This hot sauce has more of that cayenne kick that you’re craving. But does that extra spiciness come at the cost of flavor? Can you still use it nearly anywhere, like you would the …

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Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce

Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce Review

I feel like the only way to start out this review is to just proclaim, “It’s Sriracha!” Obviously the Rooster Sauce is well known with a passionate following. There’s no doubt it’s good, with its lovely garlic peppery taste that enhances the flavor of food. …

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Lingham's Hot Sauce on spoon

Lingham’s Hot Sauce Review

Lingham’s Hot Sauce is more of a spicy-sweet Thai chili sauce than a typical hot sauce, but I am IN LOVE WITH IT! This is exactly as it reads on the bottle, a multi-use condiment. I have made my own (now amazing!) ketchup with this, …

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Tia Lupita Hot Sauce_!

Tia Lupita Hot Sauce Review

Tia Lupita is a family-owned company with a rich Mexican back story, and their original hot sauce tastes like it comes from the heart: pure homemade, made with a lot of passion for the ingredients. There’s a rich flavor of sweet red jalapenos, mixed with …

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Da Bomb Beyond Insanity Hot Sauce_on spoon

Da Bomb Beyond Insanity Hot Sauce Review

“HOT DAMN!” was not the words that came out of my mouth. What came out, after trying a toothpick drop amount of this sauce, was something much more inappropriate, which I cannot write in this review. I then ran for the milk and needed to …

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