jalapeno beer cheese soup

Jalapeño Beer Cheese Soup

Jalapeño beer cheese soup is right up there as one of the best guy’s comfort foods of all time. So many boxes are checked with this recipe: Salty, cheesy, spicy, and meaty. And that only begins to cover the flavor profile of this man cave …

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jalapeno popper mac and cheese

Jalapeño Popper Mac And Cheese

Jalapeño poppers and mac and cheese are each alone so good. So what happens when you fuse the two together? It’s a side of pure magic, we’d say. Jalapeño popper mac and cheese will have your family and guests going gaga for more. There’s just …

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chipotle bourbon bbq sauce

Chipotle Bourbon BBQ Sauce

Bourbon is such a good BBQ sauce ingredient. The rich sweetness of this dark spirit plays very well with the fiery smokiness of chipotle peppers. Plus that adobo sauce those chipotle peppers were packed in adds a nice earthy touch to the sauce to boot. …

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spicy chicken burrito bowl

Spicy Chicken Burrito Bowl

Taco nights are fun not only because tacos are fun to eat, they’re also fun to put together to your exact likes. Want a meatier taco? One with extra salsa? The choices are all yours. That’s why we love the DIY plating of a spicy …

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Anda Bhurji_Featured

Anda Bhurji — Spicy Brunch Eggs

Huevos rancheros, shakshuka, and their variants are all grand eggs ‘n chili dishes. But this Indian version of scrambled eggs is in a league of its own. It’s called Anda Bhurji and will likely shoot to the top of your brunch favorites. Think of how …

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Bombay potatoes

Bombay Potatoes

If you’re thinking curry for dinner, Bombay potatoes should be right in tow. Chock full of exotic Indian flavors and fiery spices, they are a perfect pairing for bold curries and other hearty Indian dishes. The heat comes from many sources here: cayenne pepper, chili …

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homemade kimchi paste

Homemade Kimchi Paste

There are many recipes for kimchi—the spicy Korean vegetable side dish. But one thing that’s common through them all: the need for a spicy chili pepper paste. This simple homemade kimchi paste is a terrific catch-all across kimchi recipes, but it can do more than that. Use …

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Green Sriracha Sauce

Fiery Green Sriracha

You know sriracha. That spicy rooster-red hot sauce with a garlicky twist. But did you know sriracha can be green, too? Yes, it’s a spicy green chili garlic sauce with a hint of sugary-sweetness and tang to bring your taste buds to life. Green sriracha …

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chipotle carrot soup

Chipotle Carrot Soup

If you’re a fan of smoky spiciness, chipotle carrot soup is all sorts of delicious. There’s that earthy sweetness of carrot paired with the smoky earthiness of chipotle pepper in adobo sauce that’s so distinct. We toss in a little chili powder to enhance that …

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