Jalapeno MInt Smoothie

Jalapeño Mint Smoothie

It’s not only sweet and spicy that works, minty and spicy works very well too! For instance, this jalapeño mint smoothie recipe is sure to bring a smile post-workout or as a healthy dessert option. Jalapeño peppers are medium-heat chilies, but they sit in a …

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Jalapeño green smoothie

Jalapeño Green Smoothie

Spicy food fans, start your morning in the best possible way with a beautiful jalapeño green smoothie. This is one nutrient-rich spicy smoothie with lots of fresh flavors to enjoy. Plus, it’s a totally fun base from which to experiment. You can add all sorts of …

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spicy carrot and ginger juice

Spicy Carrot And Ginger Juice

This is one seriously healthy drink with a seriously spicy punch – that is, if you want that heat. The choice on spiciness is up to you with this spicy carrot and ginger juice. You could use something as hot as a red Thai or …

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Spicy tomato juice

Spicy Tomato Juice

Tomato juice sure is healthy, but it can be pretty plain. It’s a good thing, then, that tomato and fiery flavors go so well together. In this spicy tomato juice recipe, we use cayenne pepper powder – an easy get from most any spice rack. Though, if …

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Aztec Hot Chocolate

Aztec Hot Chocolate (With Smoky Chipotle)

If you want the warmth of hot chocolate with a little spicy buzz, you can opt for our traditional spicy cocoa (see the recipe here – it’s simple and plenty delicious) or lean into awesome with this Aztec hot chocolate with smoky chipotle powder. There …

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habanero lemonade

Habanero Lemonade

Habanero lemonade plays with fire in all the right ways. This is one seriously bold drink that’s full of contrasts: tangy and sweet, fiery and thirst quenching. And (for the adults over 21 in the room), it’s a delicious pairing with vodka or bourbon for …

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Jalapeno and BlackBerry Slush Drink

Jalapeño And Blackberry Slush Drink

Our jalapeño and blackberry slush drink sure is refreshing in summer. But this fruity beverage is just as tasty anytime of the year. It’s a bold burst of fruitiness that’s perfect for satisfying sweet, fruity cravings. Jalapeño peppers are, of course, the heat source here. …

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Ginger and jalapeño tea

Ginger And Jalapeño Tea

Here’s a quick tea recipe that’s perfect for when you’re feeling under the weather or simply want a spicy boost at tea time. Ginger and jalapeño tea has a body-warming heat with an delicious exotic bite. And the honey provides just enough sweetness to have …

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Pumpkin spiced latte

Pumpkin Spiced Latte

Smooth and creamy with just a hint of spice — that’s what makes this pumpkin spiced latte recipe a hit with anyone who tries it. It’s the kind of beverage that warms you right up and just gets you into the holiday mood. Pumpkin puree …

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Mexican chocolate milk

Mexican Chocolate Milk

Spicy and refreshing with a touch of smoke…

A refreshing glass of chilled Mexican chocolate milk is a terrific way to take the edge off the day. While you can use authentic Mexican chocolate (like Ibarra) to make a version of this delicious drink, this recipe leans instead into what you likely already have in your refrigerator and spice rack. Chocolate syrup and cinnamon imitate the flavor of what you’d find with authentic Mexican chocolate, and then we add some smoky spiciness through fiery chipotle powder.

If you prefer something hot instead, take a look at our Aztec hot chocolate recipe (also featuring chipotle powder) or our spicy hot chocolate recipe using cayenne powder.

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